Friday, October 31, 2008

[rearguard action] not enough on ross

This is not good enough. He has to go. or else bring the others back, dock them a proportional amount of their pay and give them a final warning too. This stinks.


Andrew Allison said...

Double standards at the Biased Broadcasting Corporation. They were happy to let others fall on their sword, but give Ross a final warning. Ross should have been fired; indeed he still should be fired.

James Higham said...

So we just have to wait now, I suppose.

Swearing Mother said...

I think the person who let the programme go on air should be fired. Woss and Bwand were always going to be a risky combination and the fact that their programme was recorded rather than going out live should have given some sort of safeguard had the controller done a proper job. The controller, whoever that is, was paid to control and patently didn't. As usual the wrong heads have rolled and a good person has resigned instead.

I'm not condoning what Jonathan and Russell did, it was really really hideously stupid and crass, but in the overall scheme of things there were just idiots, which is what the BBC until now has paid them to be.

At least they kept the cursed Credit Crunch off the front page for a blessed few days.

I think we need to get all of this into perspective now. Two total buffoons made a huge mistake and overstepped the mark by a very long way, they've grovelled continuously since then, one has been sacked and the other suspended.

Yes, they caused embarrassement, distress and outrage, but I think there's more evil in the world to get worked up about than this trivia, I feel.