Sunday, October 26, 2008

[the man] mildly surprised the wallace book hasn't surfaced

Edward William Brooke III

The Man is the story of the first black president of the U.S.

Written by Irving Wallace in 1964, before the 25th Amendment and filmed in 1972, the plot is, basically:

The president and the speaker of the house are killed in West Germany when its parliament buildings suffer a collapse. The vice-president, elderly and in in very ill health, refuses to assume the office, pointing out that they'll need another replacement almost immediately.

Arthur Eaton (William Windom), the Secretary of State, is urged to take the office, but he points out that the law on the line of succession places the job with the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Douglass Dilman (Jones).

Obama's rise has been quite different and there was no assassination in The Man, so perhaps that's why the novel has been largely ignored.


Tea and Margaritas in My Garden said...

This has to be the most intense election in the States history.



This election scares me!

Whilst it's about time that the presidential cookie-cutter mould was broken, Corporate America is not ready to have a person of colour or a woman as president.

Neither Hillary nor Jesse Jackson were the right minorities to break the mould,but Obama is just that person.

I think he will get into the 'big chair', but I fear it will be a short presidency. I believe he will be assassinated, whether his person or character, by the powerful white who will not accept the voice of the people.

This will show us how the 'free world's' view of their gender,racial, religious tolerance that they are so proud of is nothing but a facade.