Thursday, October 30, 2008

[indifferent cruelty] laying your agenda on another

If you can spare the 48 minutes [a tall order, I know] to look at this video with subtitles about the Beslan monsters, it will put the rest of this post in context.

The tame flamingo set upon by four youths, which has jammed talkback switchboards in Australia, illustrates a broader problem - that of the gutless and the sickos, often in the same package.

This blog sees no difference between the flamingo bashers, the Beslan terrorists, nutters who prey on women under the guise of respectable bloggers then accuse others of their very own guilt in blogposts, ASBOs who blame society, union shop stewards who cripple transport and rubbish collection, then tell people to blame the bosses, bosses who don't give a damn about the conditions of their employees, even switching off their heating to save money over winter and myriad other whingers and whiners.

Above all, the ones this blog places on the lowest rung in Dante's inferno are those who feel that everyone else must take on their agenda. The terrorist who holds a third party, maybe a child, hostage and then makes some political demand or other, with the child's life as the bargaining chip - these are gutless, uncaring people. The murderer who breaks down and cries that he had a tough childhood, the mother of the [still alleged] murderess Amanda Knox complaining to the media that it is traumatizing her daughter - these are all in the same boat as far as this blog is concerned. Do the acts proposed to the victim in the Kercher case bring any blogger's recent similar proposals on his site to mind?

Let's throw Jonathan Ross into that boat too.

Are more and more people becoming callous and uncaring these days or is it all a media beat-up? Hate crimes are one thing but cold, calculated, indifferent cruelty is another beast altogether.



I watched the whole thing.
The saddest thing is that these psychopathic monsters become human to people if they are around them long enough, even in these situations where they are not even attempting to hide their agendas.

Anyone who is aware of the potential for harm , but does nothing to prevent the harm to others is condoning and enabling the madman thus just as guilty.

These posts really speak volumes about who you are.You're very moral and spiritual and brave, James.


In your opinion, do you think the Governmenet lied to the ppl of Beslan, and did not attempt to negotiate with the terrorists?

James Higham said...

That's a very long question and depends which side you are on. From the Chechnyen point of view, they were co-opted into the USSR and the Russians are squatting on Chechnyen land.

The Russians see it that in the 18th century, they replaced the Turks in the region. There was never independence and it was a case of Muslim or Christian.

The Muslims see Chechnya as one of the key states to make independent Muslim in order to make incursions into Russia itself.

They couldn't do that because of Russian pressure and because many Chechnyens had not become Islamic.

Whenever Russia weakened, the Chechnyens rebelled. The Russians say they were never autonomous, such as other republics within the union plus it would have a domino effect and hurt Russia internally, esp. economically.

There was one other factor. Between the two wars, Russia sent reconstruction supplies and money to the state but it was stolen by the new warlords.

Then started intimidatory bombings and hostage taking within Russia itself and an invasion of Dagestan by Chechnya. Within the country, Pres Dudayev started ethnic cleansing. The west never speaks of these things.

The Russians had had enough and went back in, this time successfully. Today it is relatively peaceful as the warlords were killed.

The government did negotiate with the terrorists, granting them safe passage and the release of captured terrorists but the first bomb inside the school went off accidentally and the military struck.

The result was all the deaths. What is glossed over is what those terrorists did to the children. Could you forgive someone who put children in windows to be shot?


During this Beslan crisis, I had a friend in Canada who was a producer for the news. It was his job to screen what could be shown on t.v and he said it was tame to what really happened. He was actually traumatized watching the footage that did not make it on any news stations.

James Higham said...

That's true. The Russians did some awful things as well and my Russian friends were also traumatized that people they had known were doing it.

It's reduction to the bestial every time. Lt William Calley in Vietnam too.