Thursday, October 30, 2008

[faroe islands] help bail out iceland

Like this one very much about the Faroe Islands helping to bail Iceland out:

The Faroe Islands, which have a population of less than 50,000, represent an autonomous province under Danish rule and are one of Iceland’s closest neighbors.

Faroese Prime Minister Kaj Leo Johannesen told Fréttabladid that his countrymen feel sorry for their close Icelandic friends but emphasized that they are granting a loan but not a donation.

The Faroese are a Nordic/Celtic mix, the language is a Germanic dialect but they are officially semi-Danish. Whilst not part of the EU, EU travel rules do apply. The staple foods are whale and mutton. Just the country to be bailing Iceland out, yes?

Now, will Jersey bail Britain out? Or am I being Scilly?



Cute! :)

Andrew Allison said...

If it's a cold winter and we can't pay our bills, we will have to wear more Jerseys.

Anonymous said...

Takk fyrir Færeyingar

Anonymous said...

Tað var so lítið. Vónandi hjálpir tað eitt sindur.

Anonymous said...

There's enough in the Jersey banks