Tuesday, September 30, 2008

[pssst] fancy an escort at the singapore grand prix

Singapore's "high-class" escorts [nothing like that - that type of thing is r-i-g-h-t out] are gearing up [see Update below] for a 75% increase in business during the coming grand prix [see Update below].

The biggest difference is that they have to come "from a good family background and at least a university degree," the Straits Times said. "They want escorts who don't look, sound or dress like escorts. They want people to think, 'what a nice girlfriend he has'," it quoted an agency head as saying.

Right, so nooky is quite out of the question, is it?
"Sexual services was not part of the deal but strictly between the escort and client to arrange."
Er ... right. Just to reinforce that this thing is completely above board, a Singapore site presents one of its escorts like this:
Standing barefoot at 175cm, with a svelte 35B-25-35 figure, Mika has a body to absolutely die for and loves to flaunt her assets whenever the opportunity arises, or as the occasion requires!
Anyone planning to fly over that way?

UPDATE: Colin Campbell informs me that it was last Sunday [shows how much I care]. Oh well, better cancel that order then.



What about for the women?

James Higham said...

Girls too, I believe.

Colin Campbell said...

Bit late James since the F1 was last Sunday.

James Higham said...