Tuesday, September 23, 2008

[britishness] the illusory definition

This, from Deogolwulf, has to be close to brilliant:

I am not sure what Britishness means, but, from what I hear, it has something to do with celebrating diversity, embracing and empowering communities, and working together for a vibrant society of respect and equality and democratic values — from which ugly rash of words I am led to imagine that it is some frightful disease engineered and released by a committee of sociologists, Fabians, and women with “ethnic” earrings.


Anonymous said...

Contrast with Europeanism.

(Is there such a word?)


Shades said...

Blogged and hat tipped.

James Higham said...

Hi Ian - you know, it is no bull but I was wondering about you today. That's amazing that you popped up.

Anon - yes. :)