Saturday, September 27, 2008

[bailout] as sure as night follows day

Did the super-pollies decide at their "sucker" summit to give $700 bn in direct aid to each and every American tax payer, [according to means], to disburse as they saw fit?

President George W Bush has said that legislators will "rise to the occasion" and pass the proposed $700bn (£380bn) Wall Street rescue plan.

Seems not but let's wait and see.

What could it have bought the American people?

No one is delighted the Americans are in this stew, partly of their own making but almost entirely of the banks' greed. What is delightful is that finally the scales might fall away from the eyes and people will see that neither party is worth the time of day and their leaders are in deep collusion with the finance.

In stark, raw profile, the decision on Sunday will show the American people, once and for all, the lie of the land. They are angry, they are hurting and they are after blood. This is middle America we're talking about, of course.

Bad karma for pollies just now. Good karma for a return to realistic prices once this thing is all over and for small government.


Gracchi said...

James how can you have a 'smaller government' and eliminate finance- please explain.

Lord Nazh said...

"partly of their own making but almost entirely of the banks' greed."

Not really studied up on the crisis eh?

The main reason we have it is because people without the means to pay have been given mortgages because they were told to by the gov. And now, surprisingly, they are almost worthless.

Anonymous said...


I see you haven't been studying either.


Marc Faber, no fool, has started to fancy the dollar because however bad the situation is for them, it's worse elsewhere. Maybe we in the UK are more sanguine becuase we have less understanding of the pickle we're in.

James Higham said...

Tiberius - this will be answered as a post.

Precisely what I said, Lord Nazh.

Sackers - could well be the case.