Monday, August 18, 2008

What is a McCannism?

What is a McCannism?

A commenter believes this post displays a McCannism. I particularly like this post, and this comment in response:

"How “ludicrous”…

Can you spot the ten alternatives (taken from the Mac Microsoft Office thesaurus) for this popular McCannism word in my Mitchell-style rant below?

How absurd to accuse the innocent Kate McCann of being a “cold fish” and an “ice maiden”. Such a ridculous suggestion just shows how ridiculous some of the stories about the McCanns have become. The daft idea that Kate would hide Maddy’s body in a freezer just shows how farcical this smear campaign has become. The personal attacks on Philomena, with reference to “Comical Philly” are simply outrageous. It is preposterous to claim the McCanns would be so foolish as to invent an abduction to cover up their own dubious actions. Anyone who suspects the McCanns is just plain stupid.

Answers later, folks and what’s the odds on Dimmo Mitchell starting to use some of these alternatives instead of his beloved “ludicrous” from now on".

This post also claims to have the answer to what is a McCannism. Some interesting comments.

We need to ask the McCanns some questions, we also need to ask the Mainstream Media some questions.

The answers are in the details.

Previously, both the McCanns and Clarence Mitchell told reporters when they asked pertinent questions that they could not go into details because of the judicial secrecy laws in Portugal. However, as Gerry states on his blog “It is over 3 weeks since we learned that the Portuguese authorities had...ended judicial secrecy". Why is the MSM not re-asking the questions?

For me a McCannism is a lie told by the McCann camp which we are meant to swallow as truth. It's a bitter pill. Like a secondhand car sales man selling you a lemon. In a wider sense it is also words like ludicrous which the McCann camp kept repeating. They never did say why the accusations were ludicrous.

It is not just Madeleine who is missing, the freedom of the press went walkabout on the McCanns wild goose chase.


Kate McCann has said:

“To be honest, I don’t actually think that is the case. I think that is a very small minority of people that are criticising us.”

If that isn't a McCannism is I don't know what is. Between 73 and 82% criticise the McCanns to some greater or lesser degree.


Anonymous said...

I know it shouldn't be the case but they lost my sympathy the moment I heard they had connections with Liverpool.

Baht At

Anonymous said...

typical, the ex con siding with the
con and evil person who took the mccann's child.

what makes you an expert on the truth?

you have no proof that the parents were involved if you do have proof then pass it on to the police otherwise shut up

Gracchi said...

JHL, what is your argument- the Portugese police decided that no case could be made against the McCanns- are you better than the Portugese police? or have you just spent more time and resources on this than them? or have you just got to know the parents and their daughter more?

To go further- isn't there a presumption of innocence active in the UK. Isn't it true that someone is guilty until proven innocent- you are a lawyer and have been through a trial, you ought to know. There is no freedom of the press issue here whatsoever- unless you have evidence the press have been banned from doing something? If they have chosen not to report something that is their prerogative- I have never on my blog written about the McCanns for the simple reason that I have no idea what happened- I don't think you have any idea either about what happened, at least none of your posts here demonstrate anything otehr than a vindictive concern to get people that the police can make no case against behind bars.

Lastly you are asking us to take you seriously as a commentator as someone who has served their time in prison for an atrocious crime. That's fine and I agree you have served your time and should be treated equally to anyone else. But I find it odd that you then go and behave so vindictively against people whose only crime is not to split someone's head open with an axe but to leave their children alone in a room.

Write about something else, please.

Anonymous said...

well said gracchi.......... totaly agree with you......this so called lawyers should know about "innocent until proven guilty" but I think he is a lawyer in his dreams because a real lawyers would not write this post.

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

You know, I'm really trying to sort this one out in the head. Don't know the final position that should be taken. Thanks for this one.

Nunyaa said...

Agree with gracchi on this one.

jailhouselawyer said...

I will write this slowly for those who have difficulty grasping the facts.

1. Madeleine is missing.

2. Kate and Gerry McCann offer their explanation for Madeleine's disappearance, an abductor must be responsible. They point to what they claim is a break-in to support their proposition.

3. The McCanns were in no position to advance an explanation. They were out of sight and sound of the apartment, eating and drinking with their friends at the Tapas bar. They had left, at least, the 2 year old twins Home Alone. They claimed all 3 children were asleep in the apartment when they went out for the evening. They claimed that they thought it was safe to leave 3 children under 4 years of age Home Alone.

4. There was no break-in. The McCanns change their story, they admit to leaving the apartment unlocked. Why did they claim that there had been a break-in? It has to be a cover story to conceal an event. Madeleine's disappearance. The last people to see Madeleine alive were Kate and Gerry McCann. They claim to have answered all questions. This is a lie. They claim to have fully co-operated with the police. This is a lie. Their claim that they thought it was safe is a lie.

5. Justice for Madeleine requires a fair hearing, let us hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing less than the truth.

6. The case against the McCanns is compelling.

Anonymous said...

so if the case is compelling how come they have NOT been charged with anything. Or maybe you know more then the Police.
People like you who play at being lawyers are dangerous........I suggest you go and concern yourself with the victims of your own crimes instead of speculating about the mccanns, who so far they have not been charged with anything and the Police found no evidence of their involvement. This is my last comment on the matter as you are begining to bore me.

Nunyaa said...

One is entitled to their own opinion, however, not entitled to their own facts.

Anonymous said...

I have to say the McCann fanboy and girls don't half get on my tits and are at least partly the reason I consider the McCanns guilty.

The fact they are is another factor of course.

Baht At

Anonymous said...


The person who took the McCanns child could not have exited as the police were told. The only forensics on the said window were Kate's fingerprints.

An abandoned, abused child, ex-con being your rude reference, is at least honest.

Head and shoulders above Mitchell's forum monkeys who are paid to speak anything but the truth.