Tuesday, August 26, 2008

[the rat race] where are you situated?

Someone recently said that success begets success but once it goes the other way, it all comes over you in waves and you can’t take a trick.

It’s true and an example of my own I can offer is in the mid 90s when I was my lowest ebb ever to that point – unemployed and trying to qualify for ue and housing benefits, once the cash ran out. I don’t really count that one though as I still had the car, clothing, iron and so on and I could compete for jobs. I was shopping for food at M&S.

Still, there were some numbing experiences. Had an interview in south London and it involved calculating the amount of fuel needed to get there, what food could be consumed that day to keep under the budget and so on. Turned out they weren’t interested anyway but just wanted to see me out of interest.

When the break came, it was almost an anti-climax. A teaching job became a housemaster’s then the head’s job itself. As the money moved steadily into the coffers, more smiles greeted me, people sought my company, allowances were made and little things like reserved parking spaces were made available and so on.

Riding relatively high, it all came abruptly to an end due to some issues from the school’s past; it limped on another couple of years but I didn’t.

So, back to square one in Russia and the long slow climb again, to the point where, in Russian terms, I was again right up there, with a thriving practice and coming into the lucrative summer. Contacts were exponentially expanding and I was even being a bit lazy and knocking back offers.

Most readers know what happened from May to August which was stressful but nothing to what it is now. You could well say ‘serve you right’ as I let everything back home slip away, dropped out of the credit system, dispensed with the mobile, failed to renew things like the drivers’ licence etc.

Result being that having returned, there is no recent credit history or any other history for that matter and those that officially bestow things on you don’t like that. They suspect you’re a terrorist, I think. So they refuse you bank accounts, benefits and other little goodies, which in turn means that overseas drafts are stopped dead in the water and a steady stream of refusals result.

Now it only needs one lucky break – one – and the nexus is broken.

I could point to a position I now hold or property I’m renting and everything then expands again. But without that first break, nothing at all comes – it’s scorched earth and meanwhile the clock counts down on largesse shown by certain kind people.

So it comes down to just one break, providing the groundwork is being done thoroughly and we’re up and running. Sound familiar to you, this story?

Incidentally - because the jameshigham email is not working on this computer due to javascript problems, then I also cannot access the address book to write to people nor can I check emails in. The address to use now is nourishingobscurity@gmail.com.

Also also - we were in the park just now and the first clump of leaves were under the tree and the brown leaves were in the trees. Autumn is upon us, folks and it is beautiful.



I think I will email my blog comment. :)

Dragonstar said...

James, I just don't know what to say. I can't see any way of providing any sort of help from here - even if I had any clue what help to provide!

Just know you are in my thoughts. And keep posting.

Anonymous said...

Our daughters arrived over there in '97 and '01. The second girl had to get a Passport to get a bank account.
Nothing is made easy it seems.
I would like to be able to suggest something but apart from getting some sort of professional advice...
why not try the Citizens Advise Bureau - couldn't hurt.

CherryPie said...

Will email!

Longrider said...

I know this feeling all too well. I was made redundant in 2003 and set out on self-employment. Four years later and I was working in a call centre wondering where it all gone wrong. A chance email to an old colleague saw the situation turn around in a matter of weeks and a year later, I am finding more work coming in from different sources.

It's a fragile thing, so easily lost and needs nurturing.

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Thanks and yes - it is a matter of not losing the nerve. In my case a little prayer helps too which will make some people groan but can't help that.

I think something will break for the better - has to. But every day there are people cross our path far worse off.


You seriously need to be a gigilo.

I could hook you up.

TBRRob said...

I'm sure you'll get that break -- you have years of experience behind you.

My sister is in a similar position trying to get her first break after uni. So she can start her life in Leeds.

I don't envy her.

CherryPie said...

You will get your lucky break you are having a life/spiritual journey and it will turn out the best for you.

I know this is true xx


At the risk of sounding like an Ubermouth----

What are WE, James's UK friends, going to do for this most spiritual and deserving soul other than offer platitudes that he cannot eat???

Colin Campbell said...

Take care James. You have many friends batting for you. Why not put a Paypal on your site. That would not be begging. It would be a contribution to your very fine blog.

Andrew Allison said...

Welcome to Hull. Hopefully you have my e-mail.

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Colin, thanks and Andrew.

Paypal might be for a bit if I could set it up - one person offered to show me how.

Still holding out though as I hate debt of any kind and I'd see these as debts.

Think this through tonight but only a few minutes left now at Hull library computer. Love thjis library and it's a nice place overall.

Very friendly so far.

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Uber, Rob. Cherie - yes, I need to develop a sense of humour I think.

jmb said...

I think that the paypal idea is a great one and would make it easier for your blog friends to help out a little with your hopefully temporary situation.
I would think of it as people taking out a subscription to your blog, to keep it going, nothing more.