Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Boy in hospital after 'gas lighting' stunt backfires

Boy in hospital after 'gas lighting' stunt backfires

A 12-year-old has been taken to hospital with burns after blowing up a petrol can while breaking wind.

"The boy was attempting to set fire to his farts as part of a competition against his cousin in the garden of a house in Tipton when the accident occurred".

This is a variant of the Night of the Flaming Arseholes...


Anonymous said...

Ha, I've seen something similar on AFV. Look for it on YouTube.

Colin Campbell said...

I'm dobbing you in to James for heading down market.

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Thanks, Colin - have to keep my eye on this man. :)

Matt - great to see you.

Colin Campbell said...

Yes One minute La Traviata and the next Farting Gas Disasters. Who would have thought on this blog. I will be taking my custom elsewhere.


Annoyed of Adelaide