Monday, June 30, 2008

[wordless week] a solution to the seven days

There's always one

Now be honest – aren’t we just that wee bit weary of all these Wordless Wednesdays and Snappy-happy Saturdays?

Do you delight in being directed what to blog on, on which day and according to which theme?

Do you yearn to blog alphabetically?

Well, your humble correspondent might just have come up with the answer. Higham proposes that the week be surgically incised into seven equal portions and presented thussingly:

Mammary Monday

This day we all go out on the prowl for gratuitous totty and plaster our blogs with female flesh [or the ladies may indulge in the male of the species, should it be their wont]. Get the blood circulating early in the week.

Twittery Tuesday

“Made the Mall, met Maud and Mavis and lingered languorously over a long limpid lunch.” Makes for marvellous reading and should delight the blog community no end. So let’s all twitter on Tuesday and leave those pesky serious posts for later.

Woebegone Wednesday

Lest you feel this has all been too light-hearted, let’s sink into doom and gloom on Wednesday and post only about the latest deaths, famines, medical conditions and other inspiring fare. The aim is to leave every one of our readers in philosophical mood, still facing Thursday and Friday ahead.

Thurtabulous Thursday

Time to strangle our English and wax lyrical about the huge windfall we just came into or the tremendous travel we’ve just undertaken in a sunny paradise somewhere in the Mediterranean, whilst back home it’s still 10 degrees and drizzling. Sensitivity is the key here.

Furry Friday

This is where we festoon our blogs with furry creatures and loveable little moppets and write of how Woopsy did wee-wees and then mauled a weasel, in intricate detail recounting the usage of the pooper scooper and widdle sponge. A day for animal lovers and to post all those pics of your toddler in hilarious and endearing poses.

Sonorous Saturday

The trick here is to latch onto the latest Bete Noir, say Gordon or Robert, go on and on and on and on about his latest outrage, preferably lifting huge chunks from MSM articles, shoving them into interminable posts and adding the wry and witty analysis: “Isn’t he a bastard?”

For piquancy, we could add variations on the words Guardian, Gordo or Dubya.

Serene Sunday

This is the day of rest, the day we give the alliterated weekdays the shove and simply blog on something intelligent. Well OK – not all that inspiring, I admit. Or else we can go for a drive into the countryside.

Anyway, all in all, it should be a winner, don’t you think?


Ginro said...

Nice idea, lol. However (yes here comes that dreaded 'however') you're forgetting that Saturdays are probably the slowest days of the week in Internet land. It's hard enough getting people to visit on Saturdays let alone blog about something, lol. I guess because so many people have run out shopping or are sleeping off that Friday feeling.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Definitely a winner, only where am I to find male mammaries? As for furry Friday, Simi says she will now be taking over your ENTIRE bed in retaliation for that!

CherryPie said...

If I didn't know better this post would make me think you had had a bad weekend!!!

jams o donnell said...

Personally I like participating in Wordless Wednesday and Photo Hunt.. they give me an excuse to post photos! But the ones I do are enough...

Apart from that I subscribe to the idea that every day is drivelicous and I post accordingly!

Suburbia said...

Great Idea! Found you at Liz's

Nunyaa said...

I like WW and Photo Hunt as well, find it interesting to see things in life from another's eyes so to speak.
Yes I agree Cherie, sounds like he grumpy ass. LOL

jmb said...

Someone is ticked off, but you don't have to read them you know. I like Photo Hunt because it has made me learn to use my camera, but I always try to make the theme personal to me.

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Well, all in all, I think we got out of that relatively unscathed. Welshcakes was of the opinion I'd be torn limb from limb. :)

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Also, welcome, Suburbia.

Aileni said...

I confess to ulterior motive - I rant on about Global Warming Alarmism and get to feel I am shouting inthe dark. It seemed reasonable to join the wife in her themes (I hate the misused term 'meme') and, like Jams, post pictures. If folk are attracted to read the rants it means I am getting the anti-Gore message out.
Mammary Monday might have possibilities...

CherryPie said...

PS: I am the one ;-)

Colin Campbell said...


I was just a little too late to tear you from limb to limb.

I loved your Wordless Wednesday post, which was actually wordless. Very rare on that meme.

I like Photohunt. Always something fun to post on.

As for the rest of the week I always post in a structured random manner. Whatever, whenever.

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Thanks all. Welcome, Alleni.