Tuesday, June 24, 2008

[thought for the day] tuesday evening

When contemplating your navel, do you ever consider:

1. Why would anyone in New York or Chicago want to scrape the sky anyway?

2. Do dogs actually talk or do the ones in the house opposite just bark in the middle of the night in sympathy with those in the house on the other side?

3. If some people get richer, must others get poorer in sympathy or
do they stay the same?

4. Why don't the centrist pollies on all sides just form one big party with a rotating administrator?

5. What is the best song ever released?


CherryPie said...

1. No I never have that thought!

2. Oh yes they are talking, but mostly I think they are trying to annoy the humans!

3. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer ;-)

4. The same reason the right wing (Tories, Labour and Lib dems) and the left wing (mmm can't name them to controversial ;-) ) don't...

5. Now that really depends on my mood at the time! Right now Stairway to Heaven!

Baht At said...

re point 3 - of course if you get richer someone must get poorer.

Wil Robinson said...

Glad to see another Zeppelin fan commenting...

I was going to leave an answer for #5 as well:

Over the Hills and Far Away
(Zeppelin, Houses of the Holy)
...which also includes the best one-line lyrics of all time:

"Many times I've wondered how much there is to know."


There may be a growing divide between the richer and the poorer, but in our developed economy the "poor" now are not like the poor of the late forties/early fifties, who are not like the poor of the thirties, etc.

I think our modern poverty is less to do with the income and material goods we have, and more to do with the choices we make. The deskilling of the working class (and others) has made them dependent on ready-made meals and manufactured entertainment. We need more education in its widest sense (NOT schools!) and a thriving shared culture. Also, work, not handouts and 24/7 boredom for the unemployed.

jmb said...

No time to contemplate my navel. Too busy blogging and visiting my roll.

5. Morning has broken, Cat Stevens, she says ducking.


As to (4), they can't wait to, since this would mean jobs for life, which is how the EU is developing.

apathetic_slob said...

Born to Run by the boss.

Wolfie said...

The problem with the best song question is that if a tune is any good it gets over-played and sooner or later you are sick to death of it. Thus good pop-songs are destined to a fate of immolation leaving behind richer soil for the next generation of toe-tapping ditties.

Liz said...

George talks to me.

dearieme said...

"3. If some people get richer, must others get poorer in sympathy or do they stay the same?" Don't be silly, James. Are you suggesting that economic growth never happens? Are you forgetting that our ancestors of not very long ago shivered in turf huts on the moors?

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Yes but dearie me, do we have growth or stagflation on the agenda now?

Sackers, Baht at - if there is growth, as Dearie Me suggests, then the one who gets richer need not impoverish someone else. :)

Or am I talking through my backside, gentlemen?

Cherry, JMB, Liz, sound points indeed.

Wil - welcome and I'll be over to you soon.

Apathetic Slob - welcome to you too sir.