Sunday, June 29, 2008

[sunday lunch] this will take some digesting

Well, this is the Higham's first venture outside the town and an interface with an Italian family - mum, dad, fourteen brothers, twenty sisters, husbands, boyfriends, children, grandchildren and various pets, not to mention a probably super lunch.

It's not Welshcake's first venture outside though so I'll rely on her to keep our end up in the conversation. Churlish to say we'd rather be resting in the cool of this apartment when the sun gets high but there it is - 11 a.m. the car will come for us and we'll no doubt report later in the day.

Have a good Sunday lunch yourselves.


  1. How lovely, I'm sure they will welcome you into their bosom.

  2. Sunday dinner? I haven't even got round to my second breakfast yet!

  3. I am with ordovicius on that one.

    But your lunch sounds like fun :-)

  4. Ellee - I am looking forward to that bosom.

    Ordo and Cherie - the subject of breakfast is a serious one indeed.

  5. Very churlish indeed. I'd say you will enjoy it immensely but I know you already did from WC and from above.

  6. Whoa.... what did I miss?

    This sounds exciting!


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