Wednesday, June 25, 2008

[interim report] the heat is on ... and on ... and

This Wikipic of Judaea by David Sharkbone vividly shows what we are in today. Already 34 degrees early, it's building and building and certain things become clear.

Firstly - it is not always the case that in the country is cooler. The buildings in town afford shade and the large buildings have that walkway and courtyard effect which certainly cools things down. Every home has shutters and offices are airconditioned.

So, on the way back from downtown just now, it was skipping from shade to shade with the option of stopping in at any of the gelaterii and having granita or whatever. Bottled water is everywhere and it's all set up for "hot". True "hot" is when the cafe owners blanch and mutter, "Caldo, caldo!"

In Russia, the two foot thick walls, intended for the cold, also helped against the heat and certainly water and ices abounded there too ... and yet somehow it wasn't a heat-conscious place as such. This place Sicilia is organized for it.

Perhaps this is all a yawn for you in cooler climes and yet the heat is so pressing on us here that we can think of little else. Incidentally, I had my first Italian lesson yesterday and didn't do too badly.

Next report soon.


  1. Well after reading along with Welshcakes last year there is a lot worse to come. I only did June in Sicily but July and August are obviously much worse. Heat certainly saps the energy totally.

    Ben fatto!What's the Italian for James, Giacomo or Giovanni? In Italy I go by Giovanna. Your name and mine just don't work for Italians .

  2. They are happy to call him "James Bond" at the moment, jmb!

  3. I only did Italy in early June and there was an unexpected heatwave that the Italians couldn't cope with... & I don't cope well with the heat!

  4. Anything under 22c is cold by what I am used to. The humidity where I am is the killer, sometimes at 95%.

  5. It is now mid Winter and it is a high of 17 degrees today. I get to dig out some jackets and put them to good use.

  6. I know that heat -its a great way to live... keep movement to a minimum is my advice..

  7. Mutley's advice and all comments heeded. Thanks.


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