Tuesday, June 17, 2008

[feel the heat] southern sicily sizzles

We had our first 40 degrees today and of course it was while we were waiting for the bus back from Catania Airport, such bus due at 13:45 but appearing, mysteriously, at 16:15 after everyone had been fried to a frazzle and nicely pickled.

We are currently locked into a discussion on which liqueur to hit first - Gin ai Mirtilli [Welshcakes made], Pineapple Liqueur [Welshcakes made = strong], Mandarinetto [commercial but yummy], Mint Limoncello [puts hairs on your chest whilst refreshing you], the Xocohilc Liquore al Cioccolato [with chilli pepper], Quince Liqueur and Orange Liqueur [both Welshcakes' mindbenders] and lastly the Vecchia Romagna Black Label Italian brandy of which more at a later time.

The Catania airport thing is a nice venture. Two hours away by airconditioned coach, one passes through amazing countryside, mainly hills, cliffs and rocky outcrops in a range of pastel colours, with the occasional rough stone building dotted here and there to complete the scene. Will have to take a camera next time - some of the cliff faces and the buildings affixed to them are awesome.

There is greenery too - hillsides of lemon trees and assorted produce, as well as the bus running close to the ocean at one point and that is something else again. I have this crazed idea to build a little house into the hillside somewhere but that's down the track.

Back in Modica, the thing which hits you is the number of motor scooters - Vespas, Lambrettas what have you. The legal age for these is 14 .......

[Sorry, have to interrupt this post with the news that Italy has just scored in the European Cup. The city just burst into spontaneous uproar, the motorcyclists are racing up and down the roads at top revs and everyone's going crazy.]

So, as I say, the legal age for these is 14 and it produces situations where a lady was crossing via Sacre-Coure a couple of days ago and was hit by one of these teenage putt-putts - she was actually lucky it wasn't worse. They're everywhere, these things.

'Nuff for now. Don't miss Welshcakes' post later on the clandestini who died yesterday and I'll mention the neighbourhood dogs who are driving us crazy with their wall to wall barking day and night, especially poor little Simi.


oestrebunny said...

Just hae a wee nip oh each :)

I emailed you earlier but I didn't get your auto reply, is your email down?

CherryPie said...

That is such a tempting choice I would find it hard to just pick one...

jmb said...

They're everywhere, these things.
Yes well the streets are so narrow and the petrol costs more than gold so they are ideal, if a bit noisy and only fine if it doesn't rain which it rarely does anyway in Sicily.

Could we have some of those 40 degrees? It's only 14 here! We are freezing considering it's June.

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

E-mail should be OK - will look again now.

Yes, ladies - tempting and the bikes make sense.

Colin Campbell said...

We had a scooter in Singapore. Good except when you got those tropical showers.

Trubes said...

The wretched little scooters (I call them gnats), are all over Antibes in S.France. I too, was almost mown down by one recently, as I stepped off the pavement, onto a beacon crossing, showing the 'walk' sign.
Had it not been for the swift action of my husband grabbing my arm, I may have been seriously injured.
Frightening that 14 year olds can be allowed to handle such powerful little machines!

This is my first visit to your site Mr N.O.. and I have enjoyed reading it. If you are James, I do hope you're enjoying Modica and 'Welshcakes' company.

Di. x

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Have to watch those tropical showers, Colin.

Welcome, Trubes and yes, they're pesky.