Wednesday, June 18, 2008

[comment is dear] lord prat bigglesworth pontificates

This may be so:

US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke's need for lower interest rates to stimulate the US economy conflict with the Treasury's need for a strong dollar to deal with runaway oil prices. The Fed should recognize that its actions are misguided. The potential harm of a sustained weak dollar can make the credit crisis look like a minor storm.

... or it might not be so but one thing is for sure - the Morgan Fed is either incompetent or evil.

Take your pick.


Bag said...

I hate having to repeat myself.

When given a choice of incompetent or evil the answer is always:

It's both.

Wolfie said...

The BOE has adopted the same damn stupid strategy. A lesson for us and the Americans about who the government really serve - I wonder if it will actually sink in this time?

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Right, Bag.

Will it sink in, Wolfie? Realms of speculation.