Friday, May 23, 2008

[perception] more vital than the reality

It's never actually your situation which counts but your perception of it.

At the blackest point today after that visa stupidity which kicks off again tomorrow at 11 a.m., this blogger was as low as he's felt for years and that was reflected in the last post.

Then came the prospect of one particular lady, well two actually, who not only dropped in and lifted the mood exponentially but got down to helping clear out the flat, did this, did that and all I had to give them was a tub of salad, sweets and tea - felt so guilty.

They made as if it was a monarch's repast and by various nuances, the solidity of their friendship really came home, to the point I just had to sign off tonight in a much more cheerful mood, coffee and whisky beside me.

Now I'm actually looking forward to the adventure.


Colin Campbell said...

Good luck James. The Free James Higham Campaign is primed, ready for action.

CherryPie said...

Friendship is truly wonderful :-)

Anonymous said...

I was expelled from he USSR once - years ago and had my passport stamped as an enemy of the Soviet Union. Do you know I survived ?

jmb said...

I do hope the stupid visa gets sorted tomorrow for you James. That's the spirit. It will be an adventure you know, whatever happens.

CherryPie said...

We are now wondering and worrying about you James xx