Friday, May 23, 2008

[bumper post] one size fits all tonight, including thought for the day

So far, in a day best left entirely forgotten for its shocks, disappointments and sheer bloody-minded callousness, I'll have to put everything into the one post now, as arrangements etc. have to be made later, in a number of 11th hour moves.

Crewe and Nantwich

Labour leader Gordon Brown said the result showed his task was to tackle people's concerns about rising prices.

No, you prat - the result showed people finally recognizing the total moral bankruptcy of Nu-Labour which I've been saying ever since Brownair came to power. The moment Blair said:

Enough of talking, time now to do ...

... it was clear Britain was doomed.

People don't want you to "tackle their concerns" about prices - they want you to either get the bloody prices themselves down, the wages up or else just get out of the way and let someone professional do the job.


By 17:30 today, our university still had a girl in a huge queue at immigration trying to get a visa in order for me to leave the country. Having said that I must leave the country because my visa is only for May, yet they now say I need a visa to actually leave as well, on the basis of not having a visa to continue.

Presumably at the end of that time, one makes a mad undignified scramble for an airport in order not to be incarcerated for not having a visa which they failed to issue. I'm told the visa will be there tomorrow - let me report back to you then.

I have no further comment at this time and refuse to hit the whisky.

Thought for the day

Click the thought for its translation. Have a lovely Friday evening, readers.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

James, I'm really sorry to hear this. It sounds an utter nightmare, and I hope you 'wake up' to something pleasant soon. Good luck, BG x

katekatekatekate said...

??????????????????????????????????? What a totaly utterly odd way of doing things. Still hoping things work out for you ....great thought for the day...stick with it.

jmb said...

I guess a lot of the idiotic things of the old ways are still in place for this makes no sense whatsoever. Bad enough that you have to leave, let alone that they make it almost impossible. Good luck with it all.

Sean Jeating said...

As for the visa farce and many politicians' richness of mental poverty, let it put me with Karl Krauss:
Where the sun of wisdom is sinking deepest, / even dwarfs are casting gigantic shades.

Well, and as, unfortunately, no dwarf is an island - :) -, 'Nil bastardo carborundum' is indeed the best one can do.

In this sense: Just do it, James! :)

Ian Appleby said...

I thought nearly all Russian visas were by definition entry/exit (ie the document that lets you in is the one that gets you out). I once had an exit/entry, but am pretty sure that that fell within the time-frame of an entry/exit.

Anyway, more than ever I am grateful for my residency permit (vid na zhitel'stvo) which lets me come and go at will, and I have some little idea what it must be like for you not knowing if you will have the right paperwork to either remain or to leave. I must admit I still get the jitters at the border.

I hope it gets worked out in your favour, and soon.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, James, what a crazy system, if system it can be called. I am so sory you are going through all this. I do admire you for not hitting the whisky! Agree with you re Brown, btw.

CherryPie said...

I have my fingers crossed for you, it must be quite scary!