Tuesday, April 29, 2008

[touch and go] the ghost returneth

Intriguing group this Touch and Go whom I posted on last December. The line-up looks like this [I can tell you now some of these links don't work]:
Most know the music but you'd be hard pressed to see any but Vanessa and James in concert and then only at times and mainly in Eastern Europe, which is interesting for a British group singing about Harlem.

The thing is, it was basically a David Lowe project which got out of hand and when Eastern Europe wanted them to appear as a ... well ... as a band ... they realized they'd have to actually create one.

Their best known hit was where Ms Lancaster sang:

I find you very attractive ... would you go to bed with me? The song's accompanying video feature[s her] asking the same question to various inanimate objects including an iron and a shopping trolley.

... all to Monsieur Lynch's manic trumpet work. Something quite tongue in cheek about the whole thing but the music still stands up over a decade later.

Here's a video using Life's a Beach:

In a careless moment, not so long ago, I wrote to them as to the possibility of a performance in my "home" town here, not actually expecting a reply.

Oh my goodness, I've just received a nice letter from Jim Lynch wondering what the heck I'm doing in this place and once these current "troubles" are over, I'm going to see what can be done.

Touch and Go.

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