Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Feel So Sorry for Her But It´s So Funny!

Ok, La Sexta is one of six TVE (Televisión Española) owned channels, owned by the gov´t. There´s quite a bit of controversy surrounding this specific channel. I´ll leave that for another time. I´m here to focus on a specific progam: El Intermedio. It´s kind of like The Daily Show with John Stewart or The Colbert Report but much more cheeky. The host´s name is "El Gran Wyoming" (Big Wyoming). He´s left of center but doesn´t hesistate to make fun of the gov´t. Find below a video (which was originally sent to me by a friend, whom will remain nameless) where he "conducts" an interview with President Zapatero. This was a real interview that was done on Ana Rosa´s program. He basically asks about Zapatero´s sex life. When I have more time, I´ll post a translation.

He has a whole cast of other people, like Stewart and Colbert do. One of them is Usun Yoon. She´s from Utrera, a city in Andalucía (southern Spain) but was adopted. Her Spanish isn´t the best. They often send her to do interviews with people, who have trouble understanding her...too funny! She´s my favorite part of the whole program.


Anonymous said...

José Miguel Monzón (El Gran Wyoming) is one of Spain's best comic actors as well as a great satirist.

Here's a rough translation, although some bits were not audible enough due to the audience laughing

JMM: Good evening Mr President, Thankyou for coming, understand that we have invited you not to talk about politics but to know how you are (aa a person) in other areas. The questions will be to the point so I ask you please to be quite unambiguous in your answers. For example, to begin, let's talk about sex. Do you like it?
JLRZ: It's true that I like it because it's my way of understanding life. with prudence, with moderation, with restraint.
JMM: What does "restraint" mean for you? How many times are we talking about Mr President...once, twice..10 times..12?
JLRZ: Not 12, twice
JMM Twice..a day?
JLRZ (nods smiling, mumbles something)
JMM: Let's continue...your first time?
JLRZ: I was nearly 17...
JMM 17? You were a little premature, can I ask with whom?
JLRZ: I went to a meeting with Felipe Gonzalez, and the truth is that it had quite an impact for me, Felipe Gonzalez made quite an impression, (as did) the meeting's ambience...
JMM: It was an ambient meeting?
JMM: Er, wait a minute, you're telling me that in that and Felipe Gonzalez..
JLRZ: (nods smiling)
JMM: Goodness that case Mr President, you are...
JLRZ: I understand
JMM But it can't be that easy for a President of the Government (ie PM), you're well known, and given your persuation, these types of relationships cant be easy to pursue. Excuse my crudeness, but how do you manage?
JLRZ: Alone. With the Home Secretary...
JMM: The Home Secretary? And when a minister refuses your desires, what do you do?
JLRZ: I convince him that he is mistaken...
JMM: To finish, returning to Felipe Gonzalez, how did he take it?
JLRZ He listened to me, I think he took it all in, even though he didn't like it, even though it was quite evident that he didn't like it at all.
JMM: Well thanks very much Mr President.
JLRZ: (stares at JMM)
JMM:Are you thinking about...?

Semaj Mahgih said...

Thanks Matt and thanks, Ordo, for the translation. I now know much more than before of this.

Bag said...

lol. That guy looked so much like Toni Blair that I didn't believe a word he was saying. I couldn't understand either so that helped a smidgin.

Anonymous said...

Ordo, thanks for the translation. I´m finally in front of a computer for the first time in two days. Yesterday was ridiculous (will be writing a post on it later this week)! For those who don´t get it, "I understand" is a way of saying, "I´m gay" in Spain. For instance, you´ll see ads for apartments "Buscamos a un chico que entienda" for example.

Anonymous said...

Also, José was a doctor before he turned to TV. Most people don´t know that.

Semaj Mahgih said...

I'm quite sure they don't, Matt.