Wednesday, April 30, 2008

[housekeeping] this blog almost certain to end

I intimated some days back that this blog may well cease operations near the end of May. We're talking odds here and that's what a lot of people over here have been involved in at an official level since last Thursday - estimating the odds, which change daily. The fact is - if I come a cropper then the blog does too.

I'd dearly love to tell the tale - it's a good tale which is so illogical and my official status so invidious and yet I'm not able to tell all. Unless there is a miracle, this blog will most certainly end during the last week of May, with a fortnight hiatus being the best case scenario, rated around 20%, all things factored in. 70% says it's all over.

It's a story of one man in another city setting a new law in motion which has effectively ended everything. We are, of course, fighting a rearguard action each day now but the chances are not good. Other complicating factors make it well nigh impossible.

These are the days one finds out who one's real friends are but I have no expectations on that score, only hope.

Think I'll stop here now.


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That was me- *typos*. :)

I have not been told this! I hope that it is not because of ill health or spirit after the fiasco of January!
If there is any way you have the power to keep blogging please consider that your blog is one of the best, and has a big impact on many people's lives.
I know I come here several times daily looking for blog updates, when I am online.



Hope it all goes well for you personally James, blog or no. But brains and tenacity will usually find a way.

Good luck.

tyger said...

Good luck, James.

I hope things are not too insidious, and your personal safety is not in danger.


Tom Paine said...

Good luck James. I hope you beat the odds

katekatekatekate said...

Kate is now upset , :-(
Hope things get better and im putting my money on the odds getting better. ;0)

CalumCarr said...


A sad day for blogging if it comes to pass.

Wishing you all the best in all fields.


Anonymous said...

Let us know what´s going on and we can help!

Liz said...

James, I do hope you can keep blogging. You are one of the mainstays. Also I dreamt about you last night ...

BenefitScroungingScum said...

I really hope you are able to continue blogging, if not here then somewhere else you can let us know about. Good luck with what sounds a very tricky situation, BG x

Semaj Mahgih said...

To give more detail in here, rather than on the "front page" - I'd like to thank dear blogfriends for your thoughts.

The situation is that all foreigners must leave the country and then reapply to come back. Looks straightforward but with me it is not - because of legal anomalies and lack of interface in British Law, Australian and Russian.

It's much more complex than even this and I am being represented in different areas by different people who can make a difference and with moral support from other friends.

There were two meetings I'v e jsut come home from and at least I can say my Russian language is improving.

A further complication is that we are now in the May holidays - May 1st and 9th and virtually everything shuts down during this time. And time is precisely what I need.

There is some light and I am not in a position to say if it's a flame or a candle. What I do know is that nothing more can be done on my behalf than what has been, esp. today.

It was done at a high level today.

So those that believe, please squeeze me into your prayers somewhere if you are so wont and the others - your good wishes are appreciated.

Colin Campbell said...

I know the feeling being stateless and insecure in where you live. I went through hell with keeping my family in one country. The support of my friends and family were about the only thing that kept me going. We are lucky to have landed on our feet so to speak and only have to deal with normal things like bills and other annoying irritations associated with living.

Good luck with whatever upheavals you have to deal with James. You have many virtual friends, who would help you if they knew how. Being stateless is no fun.

Nunyaa said...

Am sure it isn't easy for you. If worst case scenario happens then you don't give up, you make most with what you have.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, James, I am thinking of you. What a situation! I'm sure you will find a way, though... I can't imagine the blogosphere without you and so many of us owe you so much. Love from Sicily xx

Bag said...

Good luck with this James. Your blog will be sadly missed on the blogosphere if this comes to pass.

We have our fingers crossed for you.

CalumCarr said...


Whatever happens, we'll meet again..... somewhere

I'm sure there'll be many many people thinking of you and wishing you the best in difficult circumstances.

I am

Anonymous said...

Good luck, man! Thanks for the explanation!

CityUnslicker said...

hope it all works out. Even if not, then a tale of your new adventures would be a most interesting read.

jmb said...

James, what a nightmare. You know all our thoughts are with you and everyone is hoping and praying that you will have a good outcome in this matter.

Whatever the bottom line is I have faith that James Higham will arise like a phoenix out of the ashes somewhere or other and blog on.

We all live in hope that everything will resolve itself in your favour.

Take care and good luck.

Gracchi said...

Good luck James with it all- I do hope that you are able to keep nourishing obscurity going- its always amongst my first ports of call on the internet!

CherryPie said...

I wondered if this was what you were alluding to!

I know what I nightmare these things are to sort out (RL friend in similar situation), no wonder you are stressed.

I hope you manage to get it all sorted out!

Thinking of you xx

Lord Nazh said...

"The fact is - if I come a cropper then the blog does too."

That doesn't sound good James. Your reply sounds better.

May 9th is my birthday :) hopefully everything will get worked out for you.

Colin Campbell said...

Hey James

We will all keep it going like we did before. You can arise refreshed and renewed in your new role of cultural ambassador for Iceland to start again.

Grendel said...

Here's hoping that all works out well for you. Your visits and encouragement to my most humble home of bloggery have always been appreciated and to lose you would be a sad day indeed.

Semaj Mahgih said...

I do appreciate the kind thoughts and if I make mention of being in Liz's dream, I think I know in which Holy context.

It's a battle between fatalism and optimism right now. Heard a scenario last evening which is another iron in the fire and that was excellent but this morning, despite the sunshine, the mood swings the other way. I'll continue this theme as a blog post.

Simply put, the new law says all foreigners have to get out this month and reapply if they wish.

This could not have come at a worse time for me as I'd already paid out for the summer months on flat, phone, internet and sundry other items plus this year I had far fewer clients than usual and my main money makers were absent.

Usually this slugs me about this time and then I rapidly earn during summer and get back to normal levels by late July except this year the margin is so tight I was hanging on June/July to come around and fill the coffers.

Into this scenario comes the new law which hits at precisely my lowest ebb and imposes an unwanted o/s trip which you know in summer is expensive.

So it's a laughable situation, unplanned and unexpected, on the whim of someone in immigration who wants a blanket rule enforced.

I offer up thanks that there are people here who do not share that draconian view and don't want me to slip off the radar out of Russia. There is much being done and I deeply appreciate their efforts, I really do.

But I also understand the bloodymindedness which cares nothing for other people's situations - I think you know all about this too.

The state of play, therefore, is that nothing much can happen until these two holidays are over and then it's all going to happen rapidly.

The representations will be made, certain friends will return, the ticket must be booked or not and it will be a whirlwind or not.

Naturally we are seeking at least an extension of time but who knows if the machine is even susceptible to persuasion, much less actually being persuaded.

I know nothing of the internal mechanisms of this department.

Mentally there's no point being depressed, as it stifles the ability to operate and this is a very good test of the faith I go on about on this blog.

Meanwhile, it's all cleaning out and clearing out the flat, throwing everything not absolutely necessary, dispersing valuables between various friends, deciding which essentials to take with me into the new life in one pack and so on.

I suspect you have far less mundane tales to tell of your own about your changed circumstances and I'd like to hear them.

So that's where I am this May 1st holiday.

jams o donnell said...

Sorry for not commenting on this thread earlier James. What an utterly idiotic law. It makes no sense whatsoever to ask all foreign residents to leave then reapply.

I hope those representing you can make the difference you require. Like everyone else I really do hope you keep on blogging.

Ginro said...

But I also understand the bloodymindedness which cares nothing for other people's situations - I think you know all about this too.

Oh yes, I know about that, lol!

Something will happen one way or another, but I know that whatever the outcome, you'll be a lot happier.

Ross said...

As everyone else has already said, good luck James.

It seems like a rather perplexing law.