Monday, April 28, 2008

[hillary] and the firm grasp of reality

So every speech she gave in Indiana on Friday and Saturday had the same topic sentence. “My campaign is about jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs,” she said, always to thunderous applause.

In Bloomington, she promised to bring nothing less than economic revolution to the decaying Rust Belt. “You’ve heard of white-collar jobs and blue-collar jobs,” she told her Fort Wayne audience, setting up a line about how efforts to address global warming and other environmental problems could spawn new industries. “We’re going to create green-collar jobs.”

Virginia: Mummy, are the people in 2008 actually taken in by cynical, desperate promises like these?

Mummy: Well, Virginia - many are and she's good at playing on the short term memory.

Virginia: Can she win?

Mummy: Anything's possible in Cloud Cuckoo Land, dear. Absolutely anything.

Virginia: But if she's an apparent criminal opportunist, surely no one will vote for her?

Mummy: Anything's possible in Cloud Cuckoo Land, dear. Absolutely anything.

Virginia: I see. The world's a strange place, Mummy.


Colin Campbell said...


You are way too cynical :}

Anonymous said...

What a stupid bimbo. Thanks to the election of Mitch Daniels in 2004 (I went to school with his daughter and had the good fortune to meet him during a terrorist trainning exercise in Muscattuck in southern Indiana last year), we have no more debt (I forget how many millions we were in debt, which is forbidden by our state´s constitution), we´re observing Daylights Savings since 2006 (that was fun, the first time in over thirty years!), and we´ve attracted a bunch of big name companies. We still have a ways to go but Mitch is doing a fine job, under the circumstances. We just need a bit more time, and every Hoosier (even though I´m a Buckeye) knows it. She (Hillary) would screw the whole process up. Obama would be no better. I hope she wins the primary and loses the general elections.

jmb said...

Green-collar jobs?

This from the country who won't sign the Kyoto Protocol?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

The lady is boring me to tears now!


The lady is a man.