Wednesday, March 26, 2008

[ugly] when beauty is in the wrong hands

You know, there's something doesn't quite grab me in this sort of thing - ballroom dancing. Maybe it's her costume which I don't see as particularly sexy, even less so the more it's cut away.

And the intensity, the unnatural movement, the competitive nature of it. Can't identify but just don't like it.

Look at the pic on the right. There's just something grasping there, strict, something not right. Maybe it's imagination.

And look at the guy's eyes - is he a robot or what?

Broadening the topic, this seems a turn off for me as well and I'd be interested in how it grabs you. But why such a turn off and many have said this?

Girls spend billions of dollars on cutting clothes away to reveal their legs and here we are with legs on display.

So what's the problem? Don't know - it's ugly. Strict. Unnatural. Not right. Controlled by someone.

And what of good ole anorexia? Do you cringe when you see this image [right] or do you think she looks oh so beautiful? And don't even start me on tatts and piercing.

Is natural not enough? Is Low the new aspiration? Or is it some sort of cry for help?

And the haute couture [left]. Who thinks this is beautiful? Maybe my receptors are different to yours but I labelled this photo "body but not soul".

We have a salon of beauty near us here and their board outside has a girl who might be beautiful but she's presented with black eyes and black everything like something which crawled out of the crypt. Maybe these are handmaidens for the evil one, who knows?

This is presented as chic and the ladies are meant to be enticed to come inside. Really? I'd run a mile.

OK, OK, maybe this is the whole point - to appear as ugly as possible in some sort of attempt to stick it up the men they hate. And women hate men just as much or more than men supposedly hate women. I don't hate women - is there something sick in my head for being like that?

But the above is sure not beautiful in any sense of the word I understand.


Nunyaa said...

Magazines, television and newspapers are full of advertisemnets on what men supposedly like, so in one sense who can blame women for thinking the way they do?

oestrebunny said...

In a world where only the thinnest/prettiest/most fashionable win it's no wonder that a lot of women spend so much time and money in these salons.

These days, fashion breeds a dangerous insecurity.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Nunyaa - right.

Bunny - it's the insecurity building which is pernicious.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

When I look at the image of the girl with anorexia I think , "How tragic". And I hate to see the models strutting down the catwalk as if they were marching to war. What happened to elegance?

Liz said...

James, you have obviously never ballroom danced. It is incredibly sexy. As a woman I can tell you that being led round the dance-floor by a man who knows what he's doing, is wonderfully freeing and exciting.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Welshcakes - I agree.

Liz - it's not the dancing - it's the attitude of the woman here - not natural.

anastasiarta said...

I wonder what will you 'see' from a ballerina on stage.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

I know of you, Ajeng and see beauty.


Nunyaa: "... what men supposedly like..." - that "supposedly" is spot on. I think much of this thinomania isn't about men. And I suspect that at least some young anorexics are having a battle of wills with their mothers.

P.S. Sorry for the ignorance, but is "nunyaa" an Eskimo word?

Oh, and James: still "reading, reading" on climate change?

Semaj Mahgih said...

Long read, Sackers. :)