Friday, February 29, 2008

[birthday] feb 29 is a special day

Happy Birthday, Grendel, who is four times less than the rest of us in age - Peter Pan eat your heart out! Come and get your cake, young man.


Well, some of the ladies have now obliged [raunchy] and a fifth has promised so things are looking up. Some gents have also submitted entries and it should be fun tomorrow.

You do realize, of course, that we don't necessarily need anything risque - it's just an excuse to show you on the blog. A pic vaguely in the field of "your nightwear" would be good and thanks to those who've submitted entries so far.

Send your nightclad bod to ! :)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

[music post] do you usually skip it

When you see a fellow blogger's YouTube of some music, do you:

1. Listen through it once;

2. Give it a few seconds listen;

3. Make a quick comment on the post without actually listening and hope he comes over to
your blog to listen to your music clip?

If you read something from the blogger extolling how great the music is, do you skip the post immediately?

The last dinner party I ever went to was a strange dinner for four. The dinner was fine but the problem came with the music. We must have each brought a dish and a disc from memory and I still remember the crisis.

I wanted to play the track below [which Oakenfold did a version of] but everyone objected. The other guy was next and he wanted to play some uptempo Paul McCartney and Wings and jollied me along - wasn't the old music the greatest? I said nothing and the two girls refused point blank.

Next was his girl and she wanted some romantic Demis Roussos which I liked too but no one else did. Lastly was my girl and she wanted Sting and Tatu and a few other things, part of which I found bearable and his girl did too but not him of course.

We ended up with no music because no one could agree. Now this is a worry because there was a time where each new song on the radio - virtually everyone listened to it and loved it. Even in the late 90s, it was rare for people not to like Back Street Boys. But generally, the thing has fragmented, splintered and I wonder why.

And it's really depressing when there's music we bop to but no one else does. So we live within our earphone world, listening to our own music which we think is so cool. We'd love everyone to share it and they feel the same way with their music and yet no four people can agree.

[uk funding] on all but important projects

Here is British "powers-that-be" mindlessness at its worst:

Gemini South and Gemini North [astronomical facilities] are only now reaching their full potential after 15 years of development.

Is the UK in there as a major world player, now ready to reap the benefit from the facilities? Yes, yes they were. The word is "were":

Having invested something like £70m in their development, the UK currently puts about £4m into the consortium each year to maintain these remarkable telescopes.

Researchers were therefore aghast when the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), which looks after UK astronomy funding, announced its intention to negotiate a withdrawal from the Gemini consortium.

Its Gemini partners (which include the US, Canada, Chile, Australia, Brazil and Argentina)) were also upset by the decision and moved swiftly to throw the UK out. They even removed UK flags from observatory buildings and the UK's name from the consortium's website.

Stating the obvious but they were already investing heavily, the STFC and they decide to pull out? We can't even begin to scratch the surface of what this says about the UK mindset, the way things are funded in our country and so on.

Immediate links for now:

Universe Today

Wiki on the STFC

STFC Funding Crisis: Astronomy.

All right - looking at funding crises generally in the UK:

* University physics departments are facing the worst funding crisis in more than 20 years following government budget cuts, academics warn today.

* In the ombudsman's annual report 2002-2003 (HC 760) published in June, she said that she had completed three further investigations into long term care since her special report in February 2003. These have “highlighted serious deficiencies in eligibility criteria and assessments, which had resulted in severe financial hardship in some cases and had widespread implications for other people in a similar position”.

* Then the bomb drops when you get further down the ACE website and read: "Here is a list of the 65 confirmed new regularly funded organisations for 2008-2011." It then continues: "A further 16 new investments are planned, details of these will be added to this page as they are confirmed. Here is a list of the organisations we are no longer funding." And that is the bombshell - over 200 [arts] organisations have been removed from the funding.

* Ministers are being forced to abandon a scheme designed to improve teaching standards and discipline in schools as a result of this year's education funding crisis. One of the aims of the £59m programme was to give newly qualified teachers tips on classroom control and how to deal with unruly behaviour.

And so it goes on - rape crisis centres, youth work and so on. Ian Parker reports:

DK writes today of how the public sector debt is just continuing to rise, as it has done from the day that Gordon Brown took the reigns of the economy. How fortunate ... that Burning Our Money is prepared to take the time to work it out.

My goodness - the UK is bankrupt, it seems. There's really no money left in Britain? Well there is, if you are a new region funded by the EU, especially through CP. See The Common Purpose across Europe. If you're a region, you realize how hopeless UK funding is and how "gravy train" EU funding is, along with all the attached strings:

Most British regions would prefer to be funded from Brussels than from the Treasury. "You are given funding as a result of objective criteria, and you have the certainty of being given it for a six-year period so you can plan," one UK regional official said. "But if it comes direct from Whitehall it all depends on politics, and it could all be taken away at any moment to be spent on health or education."

Yep, as John Trenchard shows, there's plenty of funding ... of the "right kind" in EU terms:

Yet more EU funding from another regional authority - the London Development Agency.

Even more funding , via the EU, courtesy of EMDA.

Yet more funding from the EU

So, in this happy EU frame of mind, they'll also fund solutions to real local crises, won't they? Er ... no:

Merseyside and South Yorkshire are to lose their "Objective One" status funds, given to regenerate poor areas.

To recapitulate - anything involving regenerating poor areas, local crisis management and genuine needs - the EU won't fund. But they will fund well-being projects, Arndale type centres and Anfield. Neither the EU nor the UK will fund national prestige projects, e.g. the Gemini observatories.


[cricket] questioned by a lady

Here's a lady going places. Get ye over to Nunyaa and peruse her take on cricket terminology. Brian Johnson eat yer heart out.

Firstly, Wiki quotes Brian:

In one famous incident during a Test match at the Oval, Jonathan Agnew suggested that Ian Botham was out hit wicket because had failed to "get his leg over." Johnston carried on commentating (and giggling) for 30 seconds before dissolving into helpless laughter.

Among his other gaffes, when Neil Harvey was representing Australia at the Headingley Test in 1961, was, "There's Neil Harvey standing at leg slip with his legs wide apart, waiting for a tickle."

The oft cited quote: "The bowler's Holding, the batsman's Willey," allegedly occurred when Michael Holding of the West Indies was bowling to Peter Willey of England in a Test match at the Oval in 1976. Johnston claimed not to have noticed saying anything odd during the match, and that he was only alerted to his gaffe by a letter from "a lady" named "Miss Mainpiece"

And here's Nunya:

I mean who wields his virgin wood waiting to see the first cherry ? What is with all the ball tweaking and dead balls , how many maidens are bowled over? Kind of like foreplay when the bowler makes a fast approach and doesnt follow through correctly and the batter has a pull shot.

Nunyaa also puzzles over some of the other terminology:

dead balls- called when a bowler aborts his run up without making a delivery, called when a batsmen attempt to run leg-byes after the ball has struck the batsman's body, but is deemed to have not offered a shot.

If you've ever wanted to understand cricket, this is your gal.

[lizard angst] ickes brought in

Desperate measures:

Harold M. Ickes may be Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s last hope for winning the Democratic presidential nomination. Nearly 40 years after attending his first Democratic National Convention, Mr. Ickes — who has survived losing presidential campaigns, grand jury investigations and a tumultuous stint in Bill Clinton’s White House — is back at another campaign.

Wonder if he's related to David? Different other name, I suppose. I just thought ... well ... her epithet, you know - the Lizard Queen.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

[old friends] new friends, real friends

Let's face it, I ... er ... need the presence of women, especially thinking women I love and who like me and I adore the snow, I can't survive without either. I don't want to live where there is neither.

However, intellectual stimulation is another absolute essential and I get mine from fellow bloggers like Tiberius, Cassandra, Lord Somber and so on. When I can't get round to my fellow bloggers because of bloody RL, even if RL is warm and smiling, I get edgy.

When a fellow blogger goes down, broadening the topic a little, it's like a personal loss to me. Some of us are fretting about Kate, Lewisham's favourite daughter. Also, the blogrolls are in a mess - must get time to sort them. Just added Cherie Pie.

I don't like not being with my friends. It sets me on edge.

[party politics] children at play

It used to count for something

Bag rightly notes:

All politics seems to have come down to is poking one another in the chest and saying 'You did this' and 'No I didn't'. Soon it will be 'My dad is bigger than yours'. This can't be good for the country.

So glad Bag sees it and hopefully others as well. Party politics is the flim flam for the real agenda e.g. the EU swallowing up what was once a great country or else, on the other side of the pond, the assimilation by stealth of the U.S.A. into the SPPNA.

But people wilfully persist with the idea that party politics is somehow important.

[reality] welcome to the new child

Rearguard action from parents:

At times it has felt as if the only time the kids are turned off is when the tube is flicked on. During the school holidays the rules were no screens from 9am to 5pm and no screens after dinner. Our six-year-old spent far too much time asking how many minutes until 5 o'clock despite cupboards groaning with toys, books and bald plastic guys who look like extras from Prison Break. So No Screen February it was. And no, the kids weren't happy when we told them. And yes, we grown-ups were very, very scared.

There are plenty of conflicting studies about the effects of television, computers and screen toys on kids. And although their world will be one of digital information and entertainment, deep in my heart I'm with US psychologist Dr Aric Sigman who reckons telly is "recreational junk food for kids".

My television was stolen ten years ago and I never replaced it - the computer has all the news I need and films can be bought and played on it. It's a world in itself and yet there are things missing, such as the daily newspaper, sports results given live and so on.

More sinister is the world of games. Dave Johnson refers to board games:

Then it hits me. This has nothing to do with the act of playing games, and everything to do with the games we're playing. After pondering this I've come to the conclusion that most board games are microcosms that mirror our world; and the problem lies in the realization that these games are choosing to glamorize all the wrong aspects of that world.

Kids, by definition, originally have no life so they go out to get one and the first stop is their home computer. With parents abrogating their responsibility of subscribing to and instilling a moral code - it was thrown out along with the bathwater - in step the purveyors of the internet game.

So, minds which are still forming, influenced by glitter and simplistic solutions in a "revenge cycle", with added pornographic interpretations of gender roles - hell, I'm starting to write like a feminist - backed up by real porn which can be switched into at will - these are exploring and absorbing the New Reality.

One of my friend's sons is into it, as are all his mates too. Before coming over all "parental", we did similar things earlier. The urge to game is strong. Dungeons and Dragons was the thing way back when but that stuff is tame.

We had our own Game too, where twenty one people in seven separate houses played a game I'd devised about battles in three spheres - the ethereal, the temporal and hell - and all interrelated with each other. The game ran for three days and nights, washed down by liberal doses of substances liquid and otherwise.

So I'm not intrinsically against games per se and my real life is one big game but it does affect how todays new humans relate to the real world in any sort of normal sense. Give kids credit to differentiate between fantasy and reality but progressively the barriers are breaking down, generation by generation, values becoming diffused and warped, rampant across the late Gen X and Y's minds.

Gen Z is a whole new ball game and Hitler would have been delighted - this is the Aryan experiment taken to the limit - the New Child, based on no G-d, no rules, indiscriminate instant gratification of rage and lust as one wills, clawing one's way up the ladder and the worship of acquisition. In this world, the pesky parent is a barrier, a blockage to attainment of one's true enlightened self. Hence the need for state Mentors.

In the Brave New World, "I" is G-d and good human characteristics are channelled into pursuit of that goal. There are blogs all over promoting a twisted, seemingly utopian and beautifully worded but ultimately dystopian New Universe. We all know one or two of these and the sad thing is - in many cases it's not malice aforethought but lack of anything solid to latch onto into their own lives. So they invent a new reality.

Welcome to the child of 2010. Can he cope or as the Who put it in one of their songs about the cobalt blue New Child:

In suspended animation
My childhood passed me by
If I speak without emotion
Then you know the reason why

I have a feeling deep inside
That somethin' is missing
It's a feeling in my soul
And I can't help wishing

That one day I'll discover
That we're living a lie
And I'll tell the whole world
The reason why

Seems others feel the same way too.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

[tramvai of dreams] currently drowning in venice

Remember that new word "uzhas", meaning "horror"?

Seems I wrote too soon yesterday, which was a fabulous day until the evening. Today the temperature saw fit to jump above zero and the mayhem on the roads has everyone stranded, huge lakes of water are ankle deep everywhere, girls' clothing and men's suits are drenched with muddy slush and the mood is ugly.

Had a shocker of a night, just got back from work and am scheduled to meet up with my ex-darling whom I still love to little bits. It's the only available day - doesn't augur well but we'll try to make the best of it. She's certainly easy on the eyes and in the arms - the question is whether I measure up today.

Had to laugh at Colin's latest - that's like us today. How are things in NA and Britain?

Everyone says it will drop again and there'll most likely be snow but it will be a wet imitation of itself and lots of sliding and car crashing will ensue.

Glad I'm driven these days.


B-gg-r! She postponed our tryst because her left wheel fell off and she also had a shocker today, as most people have had in this cr--py weather. Right - there are two choices:

a. slash the wrists;

b. remind you of five optimists.

Five optimists

1. The term "panglossianism" describes baseless optimism of the sort exemplified by Pangloss's beliefs, which are the opposite of his fellow traveller Martin's pessimism and emphasis on free will.

2. All programmers are optimists. Perhaps this modern sorcery especially attracts those who believe in happy endings and fairy godmothers. Perhaps the hundreds of nitty frustrations drive away all but those who habitually focus on the end goal.

Sir Winston Churchill, speaking at the Lord Mayor΄s banquet, London, November 9, 1954, said: For myself I am an optimist - it does not seem to be much use being anything else.

4. The house of 2000, according to
H.G. Wells, would have self-cleaning windows, and the floor would be easy to sweep because the architect would ''have the sense and ability to round off the angle between wall and floor.''

5. The economist Julian L. Simon's book, ''The State of Humanity,'' includes 660 pages of historical statistics and concludes with 2 basic predictions for the next century and any century thereafter: * Humanity's condition will improve in just about every material way. * Humans will continue to sit around complaining about everything getting worse.

* The true Christian [as distinct from the bible-bashing moralist] is an interesting creature - he's a pessimist but at the same time, a serene pessimist, optimistic about the goodness which can be rekindled in every person.

* The Left Liberal is the eternal optimist but the Marxist [of the Marx variety] knows that pessismism is the only realism as he's hell-bent on creating a dystopia with his mates, the g-dless PC relativists.

* The economist is shifting from a 2007 optimist to a 2009 pessimist.

* I believe the Love of my Life will glide across my path with her billowing hair and mantle of virginal white, whatever the true state of affairs in her garden.

[research] spilt some gravy, sorry

Wiki shot of animals for research

We all need to go out on the street and bring in some stray cats:

A study by the University of Minnesota’s Stroke Research Center presented Thursday at the American Stroke Association meeting found that people who had previously or currently owned cats were less likely to die from heart attack and other cardiovascular disease.cats may help prevent heart attack?

The study examined data from 4,435 people, ranging in age from 30 to 75, participating in ongoing research with the National Health and Nutritional Examination Study.

Uh-huh and how much did it cost in research funds to come up with that one? What about the study which found that enough LSD will kill people - by the way, how did they determine that?

Every six months or so a bunch of scientists get together and decide to administer what are called LD 50 tests to a population of animals, such as rats, monkeys or beagles. This is done to determine the level at which a Lethal Dose (LD) of any substance will kill 50 per cent of the population. This then allows the same group of scientists to issue pronouncements such as "Eating 50kgs of marzipan is not good for you and/or may result in death"

And the topics hypothesized on are all in the serious category, of course:

Their study of 329 drinkers in Los Angeles found that malt liquor drinkers are different from those who choose other tipples. Ricky Bluthenthal, who led the study, said malt liquors were both higher in alcohol than other beers and tended to be sold in larger containers.

"We found that the combination of these differences resulted in the average malt liquor drinker in our study consuming 80 percent more alcohol per drink than the average regular beer drinker," he said in a statement.

Quite serious studies, say the detractors - the research might seem spurious to the layman but it takes 90% of research for every 10% of result. This costs money. Er, yes - exactly how much money? I did a little cursory research and came up with people who are quite shy to exactly say. This was as far as they'd commit themselves:

A major problem arises for universities because funding from external sources rarely covers the full cost of research. The trend amongst external agencies is to provide less than the direct full costs of research, leaving the universities to "top up" not only the direct costs of a project but also to fund fully the indirect research costs ...

So it's necessary to turn to detractors to put a figure on it and it's not peanuts:

Circa 1999-2002, David Touretzky was given $338,334 in grant funds obtained from the National Science Foundation, to conduct experiments involving the use of rats and "Amelia" a mobile robot.

I think the one I love most of all is this:

We all know that women like pink and men prefer blue, but we have never really known why. Now it emerges that parents who dress their boys in blue and girls in pink may not just be following tradition but some deep-seated evolutionary instinct.

Researchers have found that there could be sound historical reasons why women have developed a heightened appreciation of reds and pinks, while men are drawn to blue.

In the light of the current economic climate, bird flu and so on, I'm sure you'd agree that colour research requires heavy investment and an overseas trip to some resort.

Monday, February 25, 2008

[blogfocus monday] eight of the best

1. The Teddacotta army is on the march and Julie says they're coming for you!

2. You need a special lamp, girls? Bob G's your man.

3. Is it my mind or is there something wrong in John's photo?

4. You need some of JMB's wood carvings? Pretty fearsome.

5. Your pet smoke much these days? Scottish Diary has the lowdown.

6. Omnium asks what one does after Friday prayers.

7. Sackers is having a little trouble deciding which animal he is.

8. Cassilis reports on Hillary's sense of modesty and decorum.

Bonus: Let Cherie help you see February out.

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[enlightenment] and the allure of the dark

Don't mess with dark forces or you might end up inside a Wicker Man.

Eva Green, ex-Bond girl was quoted:

There is no verbal fat with Green, no messy non sequiturs. The only cracks in her composure appear when she talks acting projects: a Jordan Scott drama set in an English boarding school and something "very exciting I can't tell you about yet" - all with the common thread of being "dark". "I do like dark things," she admits with relish.

With relish - yes. Tell me, which persona do you find more interesting in me - reformed sinner with a suspect lifestyle or staid moral crusader? I didn't ask which you approved of. :)

Changing tack, you might recall this incident:

After putting her four-year-old daughter into the back seat of the family SUV, Madelyne Gorman Toogood took a quick look around the parking lot just to make sure nobody was watching.

But despite her best effort to conceal what she was about to do, nearly everyone with a television has seen what happened that afternoon outside an Indiana department store, where a surveillance camera captured Mrs. Toogood shaking and slapping her daughter Martha in a violent fit of rage.

Before we get on to who the Irish Travellers are, a glance at the incident involving a Romani and Giovanna Reggiani might jog the memory.

The Romanian government commented on it at the time.

This post appears to be jumping all over the place but contends that it's all part of the same process, so that gives it continuity.

Another jump cut - remember this film?

Sergeant Neil Howie is sent an anonymous letter recommending that he investigate the disappearance of a young girl, Rowan Morrison, on the remote Hebridean island of Summerisle.

He flies to the island and during his investigations discovers that the entire population follows a neo-pagan cult under the island's owner Lord Summerisle, believing in re-incarnation, worshipping the sun and engaging in fertility rituals and sexual magic in order to appease immanent natural forces.

Howie, a devout Christian, is increasingly shocked by the islanders' behaviour; yet he is attracted and repelled by the alluring and sexual Willow, the daughter of the landlord of the inn where he is staying.

Here is an excellent analysis of the plot, which includes:

The Wicker Man puts the liberals on the defensive by showing what a society literally based on and worshipping sex might be like. Sergeant Howie is as noble as any Knight of the Round Table, yet defenseless against the wiles of foes who do not believe in his goodness.

Another great analysis here although Christians should be warned it's a bit irreverent.

The most famous scene is Howie's temptation by Willow [Britt Ekland] which was really a test by the local laird to see if Howie was corruptible. The Youtube here is the original, from the movie and deals with the real issue.

a clean, innocent version is below this clip if you'd prefer :

[Well, I'm stunned - YouTube have this evening pulled this clip - post to follow now. OK - I'll just have to describe the clip to you:

Britt Ekland, playing Willow, daughter of the publican on the island, has been put up to seduce the Christian policeman Edward Woodward, who is investigating her disappearance years ago. She dances naked round her room, slapping the walls and tables and inviting him to come into her room. He almost does but resists the temptation, which ultimately leads to his doom.]

And here is the Wiccan sanitized version with lots of lovely Bambis and nature love which the morally upright should view instead.

Germane to this post is James Berardinelli's review, which says, in part:

The Wicker Man places us in Howie's shoes, although his dour disposition and puritanical outlook on life makes it difficult to sympathize with him entirely. He sees the men and woman of Summerisle as monstrous heathens; we view them a little less judgmentally (at least initially). But, like Howie, we suspect that there's something rotten at the core of the community, and, also like the dauntless police officer, we don't figure out what it is until it's far, far too late. The brilliance of the writing is such that we don't seen the twist coming until it's nearly upon us.

Could almost be a commentary on the years we're moving into now, dour prophets of doom being ignored and marginalized.

While we're still in Scotland, the little matter of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is worth exploring. There's a lot of wild material out there but this seems the sanest [although admittedly Christian]

Establishing the facts concerning the incompatibility of Freemasonry and Christianity requires having access to the documents which contain the evidence.

And now, swinging back to the Irish Travellers, here is coverage, including an interview, of that Toogood baby beating case:

Murphy Village Travelers dress their preschoolers - kids as young as five to six years old - in sequined designer gowns. They put makeup on their toddlers.

"They're taught to dance early in very voluptuous ways that you wouldn't have your little girl you know, to touch themselves, to rub themselves, to move, to get attention," says Patsy Hart, one of few outsiders to marry an Irish Traveler in Murphy Village.

She says those parties are often negotiations for money and marriage.

"They could be playing in a sandbox one day, and snatched up and took and got married the next and be ten years old and have a baby by the time they are 11," says Hart.

Patsy Hart says her husband was 17 when he married his first wife - who was only 11.

Slate refers to white gypsies:

Irish Travelers, also known as "White Gypsies," are members of a nomadic ethnic group of uncertain origin. Scholars often speculate that they are descended from a race of pre-Celtic minstrels and that their ranks were swelled by displaced farmers during Oliver Cromwell's bloody campaigns of the mid-1600s.

A further insight is this message board comment by a Romanichal connected young man. This then brings us to the question of "white witchcraft":

Although nominally Christianized, there is little doubt that the early medieval Irish retained many remnants of their former paganism, especially those with elements of magic.

One of my friends over here is a faith healer, I suppose a "white witch", who knows all the incantations. He also knows about "black witchcraft" which this post won't deal with, on his advice but this article does:

Magick really isn't black or white. It just is.

By the way, what do you think of the current popular games [last ten years] which the kids love on the net? Healthy or dark?

The point of this post is that it all emanates from the same Firm, which currently has the
environmental movement in its grip and herein lies the problem.

No one inside will recognize whom they are following, who the Lucis Trust is, who Maitreya and Djwahl Kuhl really are and who all the political and business organizations adopting this type of bureauspeak, relativism and light diffused colours are really serving at their upper management levels.

I'm not even going to try to argue it because it's a question of mindset. To me it is quite clear why the declining educational, judicial and moral standards, e.g.:

"Never before in the history of telecommunications media in the United States has so much indecent (and obscene) material been so easily accessible by so many minors in so many American homes with so few restrictions." - U.S. Department of Justice, Post Hearing Memorandum of Points and Authorities, at l, ACLU v. Reno, 929 F. Supp. 824 (1996).

... but those not of my bent would put it all down to the "incompetence" of Blair, Brown, Bush and of sprawling bureaucracy. No one will lay the blame at the upper echelons who really must know that selective incompetence at certain key times trumps overt malice aforethought.

We can look at any example you like of "incompetence" in the political sphere. What about the London Bombings and the incompetent
surveillance operation which David Davis bought into, one claim being:

But the serious mistake that Panorama has identified is that at the time MI5 never informed West Yorkshire Special Branch about the surveillance operation that ended up in its patch.

Or how about on 9 July, 2005 when it came out that all four CCTV cameras on the 30 bus were not working. The Guardian said "the security camera" wasn't working.

Or Diana. CTV's London Bureau Chief Tom Kennedy said, about the security cams suddenly breaking down before Diana's death in that tunnel:
"For example we do know that as they were driving into that Paris tunnel that night... the car they were driving hit another car... that car was never found and the eyewitness driving that car was never found." "The security cameras in Paris that night, many of them were not working, so there's not a detailed security camera record of the movements of the car that night... conspiracy theorists will always say that this was something that was organized by very powerful people.

Maybe so but non-conspiracy theorists might say there is an interesting motif of incompetence of this nature at the time of key tragedies. Certain things always happen to go wrong.

You probably feel I've gone off the deep end but IMHO, the Wickerman and this "selective incompetence" are not so far apart when one peels back sufficient layers to reveal the ultimate source of all the mischief.

Incompetence versus Intention

This dilemma will never be resolved because we are arguing from vastly different standpoints. As a Christian [and the Black Magicians and Satanists would also agree inwardly here] - it's as clear as night what it's all about and nothing in world events in the last four decades, along with the deterioration of western culture, provides any surprise whatsoever.

Others will argue, till the cows come home, bringing up quite intelligent models which would explain all the phenomena. The whole Philosophy Industry is about that and bloggers can wile away hours arguing over the "bleedin' obvious". Some of my best blogger friends do this.

Interesting hand gesture, seen being used by Bush, Clinton, Berlusconi, various industry leaders and the Queen, among others. Of course, the one of the Queen must have been photo touching.

Politeia declares:

After roaming the earth for some decades I can now declare beyond a doubt, that man - while knowing what's right and wrong and thus being a moral creature - has a talent for the worst.

I can therefore officially join the ranks of Calvinists and paleo-conservatives who, on theological grounds have always said so.

Man doesn't do the worst because he is bad. Intentional evil is rare and in a class of its own, but it exists and we have to shield against it.

But he is lazy, preferring the easy way out rather than the best. Man moreover, loves shortcuts: getting something for nothing. So he demands love and respect so he can fool others in believing that he's earned it.

On one hand, a certain mindset puts world problems and the slide into the new feudalism down to instincts mentioned by Politeia above here and to sheer human incompetence. A different mindset, interestingly shared by sworn enemies, puts it down to intention, a game plan, utilizing subterfuge to cover-up and obscure what's going down.

I like this in the above quote:

Man moreover, loves shortcuts: getting something for nothing ... Intentional evil is rare and in a class of its own, but it exists and we have to shield against it.

But if you don't believe in intentional evil in the first place, then surely you're a sitting duck?

Warning the villagers that killing him is not going to save them

Friday, February 22, 2008

[ugggh] feel like dying

Must be punishment for my sins - just got in and think I have flu - epidemic in this town - off to bed, hope all will be well. Had posts for this evening but just can't. More tomorrow morning [photos of work too].

Thursday, February 21, 2008

[britain] high disease risk

[paradigm shift] from the macro to the interpersonal

There's little doubt we're running into a dire period in the world [see any number of blogs] and there seem to be three schools of thought:

1. ruthlessly expose the bstds, rise up against them, endlessly blog about how terrible Brown and Bush are;

2. pretend it's not happening;

3. change the whole paradigm and focus on interpersonal relations as the key to sustainable resistance.

Forget macro-politics - micro-politics is the new resistance. The more people who:

1. clean up their minds, observe a moral code and teach their children to do the same;

2. learn to be satisfied and take only that which they need;

3. adopt the business principle that you're always going to have to give far more than you'll get back, that a filtration process takes place to weed out "takers" and that sufficient investment into other people will inevitably pay off ...

... and a strong foundation is built which can resist the new age of Self Gratification and Moral Ambiguity. To put it simply, a well brought up person will always win through and if the majority are well brought up [too late for many in this generation but they can start with the next] then the horrors of today's society can be resisted and circumvented.

If people are giving to one another, they can't act against each other. I think Susanna Hoffs [see last posting] is a great example. The Bangles broke up in 1989 due to internal pressures:

It's often focused on, perhaps unfairly, that the feeling of unease over Susanna Hoffs being seen as the centre of attention was the catalyst for the break-up. Different band members had different opinions, and the stresses of recording and touring took their toll.

Combined with an alleged plot by management to break up the band to ring-fence Susanna as a solo artist, the lawyers were called and the band split up ... Susanna was initially the most keen to reunite the Bangles, and eventually the other band members were persuaded.

I think one needs to go deeper. I ran some of the Youtubes past my mate and a French woman friend of mine today and certain things came out clearly. Hoffs is a honey. Why are men so hot for her and not for the equally facially beautiful Michael Steele?

Easy, says the Frenchwoman.

Hoffs is not afraid of being feminine, she doesn't feel "oppressed" by playing up to men which is a big feminist no-no, she comes on to men using innuendo, those sloe-eyes, sultry voice and every trick of personal appearance she can dream up. She stands with knees together and hands demurely in front of her, she smiles [another feminist no-no], she wants those men to want her and doesn't apologize.

She's a giver. Result - we want her badly. Not all but many, judging from the Youtube comments. Facial beauty is one thing and sure it's a big factor with her but it's how she uses it which is everything. With the greatest respect, Michael Steele could have done that but she didn't. Where in those clips was there evidence that the other three were interrelating with the audience as Hoffs always does? So one or two got all jealous.

I'm no expert but it seems it's first of all about acting sensually but not sleazily, about looking after yourself physically and perhaps dressing nicely but far more importantly - walking into any interpersonal situation with a mindset of giving to that other person. That takes some adjustment.

Yet it will always win in the end.

Example - we have three wall mirrors down in the foyer at uni, always with 12 or so girls trying to use them. You only need to walk up to one of the mirrors and they'll step out of the way to give you space. But if you indicate no - she should continue and you'll just look over her shoulder at the mirror, there'll be no result but days later, on the 3rd floor, she'll remember it and come up and talk.

Coming back to the original dilemma in this post - the dark era we're now entering. If every husband never demanded conjugal rights, if she phoned him at work and detailed in just under a minute the disgraceful things she was planning for his anatomy that evening, if she was weary and he took care of things then came and lay with her, just chatting about this and that, if they were to continually seek common ground rather than sticking to entrenched positions - it goes on and on - then nobody could divide them, the kids would pick up on it and outside attempts to divide and rule would ultimately fail.

The new politics should have a micro-focus - each one of us should take care of the interpersonal and put it on an altruistic footing rather than a hedonistic. Pleasure and power will then come back at us like a wave or else if it won't - we move on and try again.

It's a war of attrition [note the Fabian roots].

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

[lba 40] youngsters may skip this post

Click pic to zoom in close

Have they gone - those pesky youngsters of 20-30 with the perfect skin and not a care in the world?

Good 'cause it's just you and me left now to have a chat about this thing called age. The whole cosmetics industry is based on preventing it or alternatively you can exercise and eat right.

I fell in love today with the girl in this video but not the frisky 27 year old of 1986 you can see there - oh no. I fell in love with the frisky 48 year old in the photos above and below, taken, as far as I could research it, in August last year.

Would you pick her as 48?!!

C'mon, be honest.

It drives certain things home to me about beauty:

a. It's primarily about having a purpose in life [or getting one] and pursuing it;

b. It's about boyish or girlish enthusiasm, rather than being a moaning, despairing woe-is-me minnie;

c. It's marrying one person, as she did, having one or two children, as she did and not apologizing for it or constructing constructs - just enjoying every minute;

d. It's keeping yourself clean inside and out - she refused to do porn photos which would have sold like hotcakes;

e. It's being a bit roguish [man] or naughty flirty [girl] - just look at her look - without putting it about and doing one night stands;

f. It's about being vibrant - after all, you know what that Frenchman said:

The body of a hedonist is the coffin of a dead soul and there's no soul more dead than one which died young.

Now, after all that's been said, we can go to:

g. Diet, exercise, good company and a good night's sleep.

How about just checking this clip which she did at 32.

If you're male you'd better put the fan on full cool before you view it. Girls, I don't need to tell you - she did this fully clothed and didn't stroke one microphone but I can't see there being one male not wanting her after this [pity about the sound quality]. Maybe 'cause she's usually more demure.

Doesn't it inspire you? 157cm of inspiration for women and heat for men - read the comments by the boys below the clip - I'm with them all the way.

Here's another, more genuine shot, in the full glare of the light, of what she's like at 49 this month [someone pour some cold water over me]:

[serbia] recognizing kosovo is mindless

There are two choices - mindless or deliberate of NATO's masters:

Nato troops have sealed the northern borders of Kosovo after Serbs angry at its weekend declaration of independence ransacked two crossings.

Hundreds of protesters torched customs and police posts at Jarinje and Banja, manned by UN and Kosovo police.

Closing the borders will infuriate both Kosovo Serbs and Serbia's government, says the BBC's Nick Thorpe in Kosovo.

Since when has there been any historical precedent whatsoever for this as a solution to regional stability? The Serbs will never accept this and at the appropriate juncture will secede the northern part. This blog has said it and said it and said it - the NATO solution is no solution.

[greens] strong groups of friends

Major source: Constance Cumbey [no link, sorry]

In Colorado there is a ranch called Baca, run by a lady named Hanne Strong, which she runs as a New Age commune.

The Danish-born Hanne Strong was inspired enough to start the Manitou Foundation, which allocates land grants and money for religious orders.

That's fine, except that her husband is Maurice Strong:

In 1992, [he was] chairman of the United Nation's Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro He was co-chairman of the Council of the World Economic Forum, became a member of the World Commission on Environment and Development (the Brundtland Commission), found time to serve as president of the World Federation of United Nations Associations, on the executive committee of the Society for International Development, and as an advisor to the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund. Above all, he served on the Commission on Global Governance. Friends include:

- Vice President Al Gore. (Of course.)

- World Bank President James Wolfensohn, formerly on the Rockefeller Foundation Board and currently on the Population Council Board; he was Al Gore's favored candidate for the World Bank position.

- James Gustave Speth, head of the Carter Administration's Council on Environmental Quality, crafter of the doomladen Global 2000 report, member of the Clinton - Gore transition team; he now heads the UN Development Program.

- Shridath Ramphal, formerly Secretary General of the (British) Commonwealth, now Co-Chairman of the Commission on Global Governance.

- Jonathan Lash, President of the World Resources Institute --which works closely with the World Bank, the UN Environment Program, and the UN Development Program -- and Co-Chairman of the President's Council on Sustainable Development.

- Ingvar Carlsson, former Swedish prime minister and Co-Chairman of the Commission on Global Governance.

And of course Kofi Annan.

Strong was also involved with the World Service Initiative and photographed with a World Service Initiative trip to Findhorn, the New Age Vatican.

Here are their principles, as stated by them:

The purpose of the World Service Intergroup is to generate a focused, conscious and deliberate intergroup effort to specifically assist the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the Reappearance of the Christ.

Religious scholars will recognize immediately that talk of "The Christ" or World Teacher his nothing to do with the Christian Messiah but a different chap called Maitreya or Djwahl Kuhl who, in the Christian religion has another name and who the Rolling Stones had sympathy for. Strong was at Findhorn together with the Lucis Trust and you can do your own research on them.

Gordon Davidson and Corrine McLaughlin, who set up the WSI in Washington, D.C. in 1995 were also instrumental in setting up the Valdez Principles, [original link now forbidden but here is a second link], committing corporate America to the Gorean Eco principles now in vogue today. Here is his mindset:

The Shamballa force is in reality Life itself; and Life is a loving synthesis in action. We also used the Six Laws and Principles of the New Age to lead us towards creating a vision of how these principles might create patterns for the New Civilization humanity will be constructing over the next 2500 years.

The environmental movement therefore has an occult angle influencing it which sets it apart from the mindset of most people who see themselves as at least partly green. Shamballa force would seem to have little to do with recycling your bottles and using eco-friendly lamps and yet the connection is forced at high levels of society.

In 1990, Strong gave an interview to writer Daniel Wood in which he discussed a novel he'd like to write:

'Each year,' he explains as background to the telling of the novel's plot, 'the World Economic Forum convenes in Davos, Switzerland. Over a thousand CEO'S, prime ministers, and leading academics gather in February to attend meetings and set economic agendas for the year ahead.'

With this as a setting, he then says, 'What if a small group of these world leaders were to form a secret society to bring about an economic collapse? It's February. They're all at Davos. These aren't terrorists. They're world leaders.'
'They have positioned themselves in the world's commodity and stock markets. They've engineered a panic, using their access to stock exchanges and computers and gold supplies. They jam the gears. They hire mercenaries who hold the rest of the world leaders at Davos as hostages. The markets can't close. The rich countries -'

... and Strong makes a slight motion with his fingers as if he were flicking a cigarette butt out the window.
- West Magazine (May 1990)

He told Maclean's in 1976 that he was "a socialist in ideology, a capitalist in methodology." And his career combines oil deals with the likes of Adnan Khashoggi with links to the environmentalist Left.

"He's dangerous because he's a much smarter and shrewder man [than many in the UN system]," comments Charles Lichenstein, deputy ambassador to the UN under President Reagan. "I think he is a very dangerous ideologue, way over to the Left."

"This guy is kind of the global Ira Magaziner," says Ted Galen Carpenter, vice president for defense and foreign-policy studies at the Cato Institute. "If he is whispering in Kofi Annan's ear this is no good at all."

It's not a conspiracy, of course: just a group of like-minded people fighting to save the world from less prescient and more selfish forces -- namely, market forces. When Rep Don Young introduced the American Land Sovereignty Act in reaction against the Yellowstone New Age Mine payout:

In an interview, Strong dismissed Young's anxieties. "I do not share his concern. It is no abdication of sovereignty to exercise it in company with others, and when you're dealing with global issues that's what you have to do."

His friend, Paul Martin joined George Bush and the Mexican president on March 23, 2005 to exercise that belief in setting up the SPPNA. Is this interesting hotch-potch at the reins of power a one-off? Well, not exactly - the California resort where world leaders go to relax has a place where a ceremony, however innocent, is distinctly ancient in form .

Under the surface there are quite a few ambiguous things being utilized, like the 1000 points of light, ostensibly biblical but bearing occult interpretations. In this link just now, it was mentioned in relation to a piece of software bundled in with other 'peace-seeking' new age software.

I deliberately avoided all the occult and Christian sites for a link because I'm not trying to establish anything other than that there is a motif running through the leaders of countries' dealings with each other which is more than balance sheets and corporate meetings. It is not Christian in nature but relativistic in that it seeks to pay lip service to a melting pot of religions with a 'World Teacher' at its helm.

At the least, it runs through Al Gore's green movement's doings. Even if you go no further than that, the question is, 'Why would words like global governance and occult terminology be mentioned in virtually the same breath?'

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

[susannah] some sort of tribute

There are some songs special to two people and long after they've split, the songs bring back memories. In my first family, the song was Islands in the Stream, though she was nothing like Dolly Parton. A few women here ask what she looked like and when I tell them a 60s Joanna Lumley, they don't know what I'm talking about. She laughed more than Lumley but was the same height.

The second started in the forest at a campfire, a drunken affaire I nearly got killed for. Then, later, when the "other man" supposedly became "the man" through subterfuge, it never quite translated - it was always doomed. If you come across this post by some miracle, Susannah Dragica, the e-mail's accessible. You're the reason I take a pro-Serbian line on this blog.

It's much easier to say who she was like - same age, same name, same look, same height, a bit lighter than the singer in this clip, more Slavic, drove people crazy at the same time this song came out, the same way of standing and wobbling the hips, the same insincere look but razor sharp, it was a standing joke that this song below was about her and the dupe was me. Don't laugh but early Joan Collins pics looked not unlike her. There are shades of Ronnie Spector as well [especially the B&W at 1:57 of this clip].

Ramones version here.

Some more Ramones.

What the hell - some Stranglers while we're here - second song was us at the time but I'd prefer Hughy sang it - bass is great though.

Speaking of stranglers, she drove me almost to the point of suicide - a roller coaster ride of highs and lows but no calm I ever recall. If you want her equivalent in my book, it's 2:2 Nicolette.

I'd do it all over again. Wonder if she would.

Some links

Joanna Lumley


Just one more

The ominous words

If she knew what she wants
(He'd be giving it to her)
If she knew what she needs
(He could give her that too)
If she knew what she wants
(But he can't see through her)
If she knew what she wants
He'd be giving it to her
Giving it to her

But she wants everything
(He can pretend to give her everything)
Or there's nothing she wants
(She don't want to sort it out)
He's crazy for this girl
(But she don't know what she's looking for)
If she knew what she wants
He'd be giving it to her
Giving it to her

I'd say her values are corrupted
But she's open to change
Then one day she's satisfied
And the next I'll find her crying
And it's nothing she can explain

Some have a style
That they work hard to refine
So they walk a crooked line
But she won't understand
Why anyone would have to try
To walk a line when they could fly

No sense thinking I could rehabilitate her
When she's fine, fine, fine
She's got so many ideas traveling around in her head
She doesn't need nothing from mine

One last one

[state v money] here we go again

Metzler private bank, Klaus Zumwinkel, Leonardo Del Vecchio - what do they have in common?

They're part of the raids which are seeing this sort of thing:

Christian Democrat politicians warned business leaders that irresponsible behaviour could come to threaten Germany’s “social market economy”, which merges free enterprise and the provision of welfare.

This is at first sight a puzzling thing.

Quite apart from the enrichment of state coffers, whom will this thing benefit? The ability for the state to regulate further, of course and to pour more into the EU coffers.

It won't benefit the ordinary citizen one little bit and it would be an interesting study to follow the garnered millions to their final destination. The old money appears to back the EU and the EU backs the global economy and its own enrichment within that economy. If a few unclever and expendable managers in the open sphere go to the wall, the old money has fulfilled its part of the Faustian bargain and state heat is off them.

The relationship between the usurers and the state has always been delicate and based on credit, percentages, rentals and the real agenda:

The final fall of the Templars may have started over the matter of a loan. The young Philip IV, King of France (also known as "Philip the Fair") had needed cash for his war with the English and asked the Templars for more money. They refused. The King assigned himself the right to tax the French clergy.

At dawn on Friday, October 13, 1307, scores of French Templars were simultaneously arrested by agents of King Philip, later to be tortured in locations such as the tower at Chinon, into admitting heresy in the Order.

Philip had clearly made up the accusations* and did not believe any of the Templars to have been party to such activities. In fact, he had invited Jacques de Molay to be a pall-bearer at the funeral of the King's sister on the very day before the arrests.

They're hardly likely to make that mistake again. There is the little question of the real money as well:

By the mid-1960’s was a Europe awash in serious cross-border crime, including heroin trafficking, trafficking in women, stolen art and cultural artifacts, gun-running, cigarette and liquor smuggling to avoid excise taxes, and recurrent corruption and financial scandals.

Now, with the breakdown of national borders and increased activity by an EU militsia, are those interests better protected or more vulnerable?

This thing is an internal matter of who controls the trillions. If there are two sides - the old money and state control on one side [example here]:

... and free enterprise, however corrupt, on the other, which would you support?

* There is another point of view which holds that Philip knew very well the sort of thing they got up to and as long as the money was forthcoming he'd stay shtum. He did a JFK, it seems. I trust no one seriously disputes these days the occult realm of the old rulers of Europe.