Sunday, January 27, 2008

[tyranny] we stand up or we go down

Wikipedia image called 'Telescreen'

The Reactionary Snob comments:
Apparently students will not be allowed to access the student loans facility if they do not sign up to ID cards. But wait a second! ID Cards are going to be delayed (nobody saw that coming - this lot's record with large scale IT projects is woeful. I wouldn't trust them to finish a wank on time let alone a major project). And not only are they being delayed they may end up not being compulsory.
Englisc Fyrd continues:
And so the saga continues, Labour get told "No" but they keep rephrasing the question until they get a yes. Of course that's if they bother to ask the question in the first place.
Now, in the light of a nasty e-mail this morning calling me:
... an attention seeking control freak, a delayed adolescent, stupid enough to get sucked in to the agenda of a thoroughly vindictive liar ... I'll kill your blog for ever [which I'll now add to my testimonials]
... it's clear that, just as we have to stand up to this sort of thing in the blogosphere and keep blogging until people like this really do shut us down, so we, as citizens have to stand up to ID cards because the moment we meekly accept them, it's the thin edge of the wedge.

And for those of a theological bent, let's not forget it was written about 2000 years ago that there'd be chips in our right wrists or foreheads in order to "buy or sell", as they put it.

For sheer literary power though, you can't go past this as a final comment:
I do apologise if my glee is obvious, but these disingenuous bastards deserve to see their flagship; full of cannonball holes, listing badly with the rigging falling about their ears; slip serenely, unmissed, unwanted and unloved beneath the cold grey waves.

Yes, I’m enjoying the sight of HMS ID Cards wallowing, holed beneath the waterline, as the venal, mendacious poltroons who launched and sailed her try vainly to make her appear watertight. May every politician be so visited by the lies and fraud they perpetuate in such graphic fashion.
My goodness, can that man write or can that man write!


Longrider said...

Do you plan to report this person to their ISP?

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

No, Longrider because it's an old issue I wish to have nothing further to do with. I'll just add it to the testimonials.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Here people are still amazed that we don't have ID cards in the UK.


I can guess who this 'person is'.......I shall send you more testimonials if you would like.
Remember James- you know you are ahead when you are being kicked from behind.