Monday, January 28, 2008

[dolly] would you eat her?


The USFDA assures everyone that everything is all right:
After reviewing numerous scientific studies, the US Food and Drug Administration found that food derived from cloned cows, pigs, goats and their offspring is as safe to eat as products from conventionally bred livestock. Stephen Sendoff, director of the FDA's food safety division, said: "The likelihood that anything would go wrong from a food safety standpoint is unimaginably small."
Well, that's a relief - departments of state's assurances can always be fully trusted, can't they? The hallmark of state administrators is competence, after all.

You have any issues with that? By the way - love that name "Send-off". Yes indeed. :)


oestrebunny said...

I think I would have reservations about eating cloned meat.

Afterall they said that GM foods were safe and look how that turned out?


I question the health risk of ALL meat including free range.
People should be vegetarians and not just for the whole animal cruelty thing , either,anymore.