Thursday, January 31, 2008

[adelaide] colin's backwater

Adelaide - is Jocko's home really as bad as Sleepy Hollow, Geelong?

More than half of voters in an Adelaide newspaper's online opinion poll agree with Victorian Premier John Brumby - the city is a "backwater".

The poll had attracted more 2090 votes before 10am today, in response to the question: "Is Adelaide a backwater?"

Forty-eight per cent said Adelaide lagged behind the eastern capitals and another 15% agreed it was a backwater but said that was part of the appeal. Twenty-eight per cent said Mr Brumby was "just a jerk", and 6% based their defence on the number of major events on in Adelaide at this time of year.

The remaining 3% were unaccounted for by the News Limited poll.

Mr Brumby sparked a verbal joust yesterday when he said that unless Victoria pushes ahead with channel deepening in Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne will end up a "backwater", like Adelaide.


Colin Campbell said...

I'm of the yes but it's part of the appeal group.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Yes, Colin - it's lovely place, except for the beer. :)

Colin Campbell said...

And Geelong is known for what beer James? I really quite like Coopers after getting over my first taste and nearly spitting it out.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Ha, ha! Only VB. Incidentally, when are you guys getting back your Grand Prix?

jmb said...

The only time I was there it was hot as hell and hardly a fair impression. But it seems to me if someone like Colin, who has certainly give many other places a try, likes living there it's probably just fine.
I see Vancouver was the top city in the poll Colin linked to but I think a lot of people consider us a backwater too, beautiful but not just too laid back to count.