Tuesday, December 18, 2007

[posh girls] spicy tension bubbles over

Posherexia doing the lion's share of the work

Time for a bitchy post:
Geri Halliwell, Mel B, Mel C and Emma Bunton became incensed at the special treatment Posh was receiving. Beckham wore the highest heels which meant she towered over the rest of the girls, and during the encore she did not wear her cape with her hood up, as was part of the ensemble, preserving her perfectly groomed hair.

A source said: “All of these silly petty things just got on the nerves of the other girls. And to top it off when Victoria kept getting the loudest applause and cheers, it really grated on the others."
Ooh, claws retracted, ladies - the Beck's not worth the stress. And what was it George Harrison said?
The good thing about them is that you can look at them with the sound turned down.
Although in Skeletal Spice's case, the anorexia isn't a pleasant sight.


oestrebunny said...

Is that really what she looks like or is that an altered picture? I know she's thin but I never thought it was as bad as that.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Seems to be authentic from what I can gather. Hope you're curvier than that, Oestrebunny.

Richard Havers said...

Given that the whole thing is mimed it, to me, is the ultimate comment on how our music industry has degenerated to the lowest level.

Ellee Seymour said...

I don't think they are even worthy of a mention on such a highly esteemed blog.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Can't stand any of them but I do like the cattiness of it!

mutterings and meanderings said...

Apparently Mrs Beckham's microphone was turned down low and the crowd struggled to hear her when she tried to talk to them. Such a shame when she's such a talent...

oestrebunny said...

Haha! You've seen my Flickr James, you know I am :)

Ruthie said...

Back in the day, when we had the same haircut and she was curvier, people used to tell me I looked like her. (Posh, that is)

Now I'd consider it an insult.

You can see her ribs!

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Richard - Indeed.

Ellee - Thnak you.

Welsh - ditto.

M&M - tongue in cheek, I hope.

Oestre - you caught me.

Ruthie - sigh.