Monday, November 26, 2007

[once a champ] sampras' amazing feat

OK, it was a “friendly”. OK, there might have been a bit of skylarking here, I don't know. But it seems amazing to me:
Pete Sampras' win over Roger Federer in Macau this weekend does nothing to end arguments about who is the greater player, but the American is convinced the world No.1 will smash his records.

Following two defeats last week in their three-match Asian exhibition series, the retired Sampras came back strongly at Macau's Venetian resort-hotel Saturday, defeating the Swiss maestro in straight sets 7-6 6-4.

Sampras, who admitted in a press briefing after the match that he came to Asia hoping to be competitive and to take a set off Federer, is predicting that the 12-time Grand Slam champion will beat his mark of 14 and eclipse his rankings records.

Sampras, 36, held the top ranking for a record 286 weeks in total and finished as world number one for a record six consecutive years.
36 years old? Wow! And not over a former champ nor even a current Top 10 but over the reigning World N1. That's awesome.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, that's what all that was about - I saw the images on Sky but took no notice because it was sport. I'm glad someone'e beaten Federer- and an older man - because he is so smug.

lady macleod said...

He always has been a great player, and a gentleman. I loved the Aggasi comeback, every single year of it, and I'm glad to see ole Pete still leaving a mark.

jmb said...

Don't forget about Ken Rosewall who played quite competitively until he was 38 and last played at Wimbledon in his early 40's. He was so tiny too in comparison with his peers.