Thursday, November 29, 2007

[christmas] here's one gift idea

It has an awesome engine, unbelievable grip, four comfortable seats, an anticipated five-star safety rating, and a price tag some $40,000 cheaper than a comparable Porsche 911.The M3 is comfortable and compliant around town, but has awesome grip and poise. It also offers a more comfortable ride than most BMW luxury cars.

In short, it's the great leap forward that a Car of the Year should be. The last-generation M3 was a great car deservedly revered, yet BMW's engineers found a way to make the new model more useable, more refined, more technologically advanced - and also faster.

One judge described the new M3 as "a pinnacle car", while another said it "defies belief" and "will go down as one of the all-time great cars".
Time to raid the piggy bank and your child's Trust Fund.


Tom Paine said...

Couldn't agree more, provided you are (unlike me) short enough to fit in the thing. Welcome to the world of the petrolheads, James. Thank goodness you are over that climate change fad of yours.

Lord James-River said...

Funny you should mention climate change, Tom, as I was having a discussion with the driver yesterday and said there were actually people who thought it wasn't happening.

He just pointed outside and said "Look." No Russian denies it. Strange thing, denial of the obvious, isn't it? I'd love to see a brain-scan of a climate denier.

Swearing Mother said...

My husband has a BMW and when I drive it, it bosses me about. It locks me in (don't like that), brakes so suddenly, with hardly any pressure from me, that I nearly end up through the windscreen (don't like that either), but it's the indicators that annoy me most. Apparently I don't click them up or down with enough determination to make them stay on for more than three flashes, then they stop. Or, alternatively, when I just want a quick flash (pardon the suggestion) they stay on a really long time so I have to manually cancel, and then the damn thing indicates the opposite way just to be awkward. I think that's why BMW drivers have a reputation for not indicating, they probably would if they could be bothered to assert themselves. As a passenger my legs always bump into the mega-sized dashboard and I can never find the seat-belt. Apart from that, it's lovely.

However, although it's in an entirely different league, for me it's not a patch on my lovely little grey MG, a driver's motor if ever there was one, almost (but not quite) as good as that little red Austin Healey Sprite I told you about before.

Bliss. Now that WAS a car.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I'll take half a dozen of those!