Wednesday, October 31, 2007

[winter approacheth] billowing clouds

We're not yet at the stage in the photo but we have definitely made a quantum shift.

The big tree downstairs outside of my window has now lost the last of its leaves and the temperature which had been a balmy 4 degrees was now a tad below zero at dawn.

Coupled with this was a sky I can only describe as "billowing" and ominous in it's dark-greyness. It threatens to snow, in other words.

I dearly hope it does because without the snow, the plummeting temperatures are bleak and suicidal and people's moods are so low - perhaps "grim" is a better word.

Come the snow and everything is fairyland and the sky even seems to brighten. Colours seem to become more vivid, the beautiful hush comes over the land, dampening car and industrial noise and it affords respite from life's problems.

A quick glance now and the temperature has rocketed up to 2 degrees. Who knows, it might make the balmy 4 yet.

And as for that looming milestone, I'm now a tantalizing 34 away from it. So near and yet so far.


Gracchi said...

Snow! I'm really envious of you old fellow- here it is just grey- I just filled out the civil service fast stream application and the sky is grey and I've got verbal reasoning tests to do. Bah Humbug!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Believe it or not, sometimes I actually miss a "grey day"! But I can imagine it gets bleak over there without your snow,James. Does it go all slippery and dangerous after a couple of days as in Britain, though? That pic makes me feel so cold!

jmb said...

It's terrible to think that snow brightens up the landscape but all those who move from the prairies to Vancouver say that winter is worse here with the rain than with the cold and snow of the prairies.

Ruthie said...

No, no, no.... I'm not ready yet.

No snow.

Count James d'Estaing said...

Tiberius - it's grey just now.

Welsh - yes, the occasional one is good.

JMB - it makes it fairyland compared to what it is normally. Yes - not good.

Ruthie - no choice, dear.