Wednesday, October 31, 2007

[milestones] it was profile views all along

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I expected it next week - it happened tonight.

Delighted and humbled but perhaps I should be a bit worried about who half of them were. Had to smile at Ellee when she said not to look at stats because my eyes for some time have not been on uniques but I admit - on profile views.

I'm popping off now for a coffee and whisky, if you don't mind and will get back to Blogfocuses tomorrow. Have a lovely evening.


Ruthie said...


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Félicitations! You deserve it. I'd have more than one whisky if I were you! x

Winston Leonard said...

James, I don't know where to plant this, and I doubt there will be an "on-topic" post, - so, here we go.

Part of the recognised attack on the population of this nation, is the dumbing down of our children.

Many academics have complained about it.

Politicians have predictably denied it.

Not only have they denied it, but praised our children for their efforts and achievements.

I have spoken to many academics at University level over the past few years, who say that the first year at university must now be largely remedial, in order to achieve an acceptable standard, for example in basic maths, before progress can be made in the relevant subjects.

I have witnessed, for example, failures in Masters Economics courses, because the UK nationals did not have the mathematical proficiency to complete the course. On the same course, the S.E.Asian students were finding the maths well within their abilities.

Two levels of courses are on offer.

For UK residents, there is the ill-famed GCSE qualification, that politicians praise, and everyone else criticizes

. here

For international students, the demands are far more rigorous.


I have chosen two maths examination papers, one from each. Compare them.

First the exam for UK nationals


And then for the international students.


Compare any equivalent papers you wish.

Then tell your local politician.

This is part of the plan to create the serfdom of the 85%. Unthinking workers. Cannon fodder, or factory fodder, take your pick.

Common Purpose is receiving recommendations from secondary schools for the involvement of children who show initiative, in CP managed courses! It's part of the ongoing creation of the database, and school assessment processes.

They are attacking OUR children.

Condemning them to a life of low achievement, or manipulative politicisation.

Schools are subjecting them to politicisation, by direct coaching involving political projects, and indirectly through a nonsense approach to an increasing number of “Soft Subjects” and the use of politically correct attitudes throughout. A culture of mindless celebrity praise and emulation, at the expense of any appreciation of academic excellence.
Don't take my word for it, look at the "soft subjects" for the UK nationals on the links above!

They are deliberately ruining the future of our children, consigning them to “also rans”

Hayek in his excellent book, “The Road to Serfdom”, had it right, all those years ago!

jmb said...

Congratulations. You had us all going there for a bit.

Liz said...

Congratulations, james! Does it tell you how many of your interested viewers were female?!

Wolfie said...

I hate to burst your bubble but I took a look at my statistics last night and they too have gone through the roof this last month, particularly on "uniques". Checking the URL stats seemed a bit suspicious so I took a look at the raw logs.

Spam bots.

Your profile was being mined for addition to spam posts on other blogs. Mine included.

The Tin Drummer said...

Well, I don't doubt Wolfie's analysis, but well done anyway, James- you put a lot of work into blogging and even if this is a bit wonky then I still hope plenty of real people are checking out your profile!

Ellee said...

Liz - good question!

Simon said...

Just read your words.
Are you saying that our government is responsible for dumbing down the educational standards through easy exams for substandard pupils created by substandard teaching?

I remember taking the Cambridge "O" levels. It was a 5 years secondary school education, and the questions you linked to were the same standard that we covered in the third year (14 years old).

Why would they do that, when we are importing 175,000 IT professionals, plus others, no doubt, - it just does not make sense?

Count James d'Estaing said...

Wolfie - I've warned you many times about letting facts get in the way of a good story. :)