Sunday, October 07, 2007

[lizard queen 2] the paul allegations

I've been contacted by Peter Paul [see photo with the Lizard Queen herself], who features significantly in the Hillary matter.

Now fair's fair - this is a very biased campaign against the LQ and Peter Paul clearly has an axe to grind and now he's chopping wood with a vengeance. Who wrote of a woman spurned? A man betrayed is just as dangerous in a lizard's eyes.

Despite this, it's difficult to gainsay a man with facts on his side and I really can't see how she can refute them. In fact she doesn't. Paul notes:

The historical significance of a presidential candidate defending herself, in the midst of a presidential campaign, from videotaped evidence capturing felony violations of federal law has been lost on the Mainstream Media. They have consistently refused to report on this case since the California Supreme Court denied the Clintons’ appeal to dismiss the fraud and coercion case.

Apart from hearing vague feminist noises, this blogger is still waiting to see real evidence that Hillary Clinton possesses the integrity required to lead the United States, as the sovereign United States, into the next few really worrying years in the international arena.

Every new day only seems to throw up another reason to stop her unreasoning juggernaut.


Lord Nazh© said...

She doesn't James, but she may win by default.

Severe BDS almost ensures no D votes for any R and the proposed 3rd party candidate if Guiliani gets the ticket will guarantee a Hildabeast win

Lord Higham-Johnson said...

That's an interesting scenario, LN and she may well get in on that unless enough people in the U.S., esp. Democrats, secretly and silently determine, when they go into that booth, not to vote her way.

accuser said...

Every American voter should acquaint themselves with the frauds Hillary directed to win and keep her Senate seat as laid out from the public record by Peter Paul in Paul v Clinton et al ( and (
The unprecedented obstructions of justice directed by Hillary et cie to avoid accountability is described in Peter Paul's blog at The first documentary on Hillary is being produced by the Equal Justice Foundation and will be released on Nov 1.