Tuesday, October 09, 2007

[dip ....] the new state department blog

The new State Department blog which opened on September 25th is rivetting stuff:

"I've never witnessed so many impeccably dressed people in one place," writes 25-year-old Masharika Prejean, who works in State's public affairs office, about her visit to the United Nations General Assembly in New York in late September.

The Europeans walk through the lobby of our home for the week, the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, in their grays and blacks. The Americans in their shiny lapel pins, power suits, and blackberries. The Africans in their colorful garbs and stylish headdresses."

"First thing this morning, President Bush met with President Karzai to discuss progress in Afghanistan," writes Kristen Silverberg, assistant secretary of Bureau International Organization Affairs, in a Sept. 27 post. "... The Security Council this afternoon issued a statement of concern about the events in Burma, which were also discussed at today's G8 Foreign Ministers lunch."

Will the State Department be reading what the public says? "Oh yeah," said Heath Kern, director of digital media at State and editor-in-chief of the blog. "This is a pretty big deal in the State Department right now, and people are interested in what the public has to say."

The No. 1 improvement readers have suggested is to drop the blog's name: "The name DipNote has to go ... the blogosphere can be quite cruel sometimes ... you'll be referred to as Dip and another 4 letter word," writes SD in Washington.

Yep, I can imagine it now:

Had the dipbreakfast with the Zambesi Ambassador. Signed some documents later in the morning. Saw some great flower arrangements in the foyer. Everyone well dressed. Foyer clean. Met Greenland Ambassador for lunch and had productive discussions. Pate fois gras did not agree with me. Threw up in State Dept. Senior Officials' bathroom. Signed some more documents back at the office…

The State Department blog is here if you're brave.

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Dipnote Bloggers said...

Granted, we're new at this, but just ask that you give the blog a chance. It's an open forum where you can actually discuss foreign policy issues with State Department officials and fellow bloggers. The question of the week this week is "What will life in Cuba be like after Castro?"

If you're willing to give Dipnote a chance, post a comment and see for yourself.