Sunday, October 28, 2007

[dilemma] something to sleep on

Some of you will recall the nasty little incident of the Cross in a Christian chapel being locked in a cupboard on the grounds that the chapel was now for "all faiths" and that the Cross would offend.

This was a straight out assault on Christianity and was met with fierce resistance.

Now there's another assault at the same William & Mary, in the realms of the bizarre:
... the NCAA ruling that the school's logo including two green and gold feathers amounts to "hostile and abusive" imagery ...
Are the authorities total morons? Predictably, it has occasioned the handing out of tens of thousands of green and gold feathers in an act of mass defiance.

This evening I witnessed another and though the two incidents above were both contemptible, the one this evening was far more insidious.

Question, when should a blogger be stopped?

If he spouts left-wingism like Mike Ion? When he spouts atheism like Matt Murrell? When he openly calls himself the Devil and blogs from a kitchen? When he calls himself Surreptitious Evil?

Of course not - on the grounds that these bloggers have clearly set out their stall and any visitors know what they're getting into. There's no subterfuge there, no hypocrisy.

But what to do when more than one woman writes, warning about a certain blogger who uses his blog to suck in and abuse women? When this blogger is occupying the moral high ground, waxing lyrical about everyone loving each other and posting images to reinforce this but the message of "love" comes down to having sex with as many as you like, as long as there is a "bond" - a new world hotchpotch religion for the future?

What to do when this blogger, who is clearly charming a considerable number of women into going along with him, is also using images of Christ and says that the new Marxist Christian Free Love new world is merely an extension of Christianity itself? That Christ would approve?

What to do when the person uttering such balderdash is immensely popular with the men because of his rollicking bonhomie and with women for the message of love and tolerance he's preaching? And for the pathos in his beautifully written posts?

What to do when that blogger is a member of the same group I am and there's no way anyone would accept a Christian's word in the blogosphere over a "good guy", especially on the subject of gross misrepresentation of Christ's position?

Update Monday morning - I've removed the final two paragraphs of this post on the grounds that the other party cannot reply here. It's been suggested this is a spat between two bloggers. This clearly a misreading of my persona. Since when have I ever blogged for personal gain on any issue? This is an issue of protecting people which is all the "micro-control" posts have been and will be about. These are macro-issues.

Personal issues with fellow bloggers - show me anywhere I have posted on these on my site. For the general readership, this issue has now moved inside Blogpower and nothing further will appear on this blog about it.

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Sir James Curmudgeon said...

Because this has become a personal matter, I've closed off comments on this post only and am continuing the matter inside the mailing list.