Saturday, October 27, 2007

[blogfocus saturday] pink for girls

Click pics for slightly larger.

It's ladies' evening and the girls are all in pink:

1. Maremag is Spanish for “confusion” and she presents a trick of the eye:
Although I normally only like pink as found in the garden (see bottom thumbnails *), I fell in love with this pink home in Italy. Please note that the details (window frames, birds) are painted on the building, Trompe l'oeil style, French for "trick of the eye"!
2. Dragonstar - 63, 5 grown kids, and still mad about dragons! This isn’t a dragon though – it’s pink:

3. JMB is not so enamoured of pink but the girls are:
If there is one colour I really hate it is pink. None of the rooms in my house have anything pink nor does my closet contain a single item of pink apparel. But, as you can see below, it is a colour loved by many little girls, well except two.
One, my granddaughter, second from the right and the other one, next to her, the Birthday Girl, prefer blue which I also dislike but not so strongly. The party was held in a dance studio and the entertainment was a dance lesson. This is the lifestyle of the four year olds who live in Westchester County, New York.
4. Corey entered a different pic but I entered the one you see here:
Meanwhile, Welshcakes has been beating olives, Liz has had a bad machine day, Bel writes of the U-turn on marriage, Heather has Starbucks on the mind and Shani is glad another day is over:


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thanks for the link. I love pink - it's supposed to be the colour any woman can wear - but only a real fuschia pink suits me. Did you know pink eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eye "opens up" the eye, James? You should try it!

Sir James Curmudgeon said...

I'll rush out and buy some on Monday.

jmb said...

Thanks for the link James, but did you have to do a ghastly pink theme? Good focus!

Dragonstar said...

How nice of you to post my sky, thanks so much.
Pink can be SO difficult!

.:mar said...

Thanks for the pink link :)

Corey~living and loving said...

wow! thanks....I just saw that you linked to me. Glad you liked the photo. :)

King Tutanhigham said...

Better late than never - glad you liked it, Corey.