Friday, September 28, 2007

[the agenda] the squeeze is on

Look at this crappy logo. It represents everything reprehensible in the spiritually bereft world of the soul-less upper echelons

Archbishop Cranmer asked:

So if its [The Council of Europe's] raison d’ĂȘtre is to sustain plurality and to promote diversity, why is it voting soviet-like to ban the teaching of creationism and ‘intelligent design’ in Europe’s schools?

He then said:

Both the EU and the European Council are seeking to relegate the role of religion to the realms of the private, and assert an increasingly aggressive secular agenda in the public realm.

For a start, the terms "intelligent design" and "creationism" are buzz words which play into the hands of the enemy.

By trying to make it into a science, proponents are turning the whole Judaeo-Christian tradition and the nature of Christianity itself, let alone the concept of our Maker, into something which can be "scientifically analysed" and therefore rejected because it fails to meet non-comprehensive prescriptive criteria. Read Wolfie's and Gracchi's take on science in the first link and that of the Devil's Kitchen here.

The Council [for goodness sake - even look at the name of the 13!] are doing a lot more than making religion a private matter, Archbish. They're following an unerring globalist agenda [the cold blue logos and vague taglines are the best indicator of that] and one of the planks is to wipe Christianity off the face of the map because it's one of the few modes of thought which can see the drive from Europe for what it is.

The means to that is to break the nexus between Christianity [and that is the western religion, for crying out loud] and State - not a bad thing in itself because one's relationship with one's Maker is a private matter but that's not the ulterior motive of the Council, just the same.

When will people see that this so called Council is just one manifestation of the same hydra?

Now the FT says:

Western multinationals and financial centres are often “complicit in driving corruption in poor nations”, Transparency International, the anti-corruption watchdog, charged on Wednesday as it published its annual ranking of how corrupt different countries are perceived to be.

The index – widely used by governments, companies and development organisations as a corruption gauge – shows a perceived worsening of corruption in several major industrial countries compared with 2006.

Huguette Labelle, TI chairwoman, said: “The bribe money that buys a champagne lifestyle for corrupt officials in the poorest countries often originates in multinational companies based in the world’s richest countries – the CPI’s top scorers”, she said.

So what on earth is news here? When will the financial world work out that a lot of what drives it askew is complete corruption and spiritual bankruptcy at the top? Whose tools include "deliberate incompetence". The Fed itself - just examine the events leading to the squeeze and how quickly it responded with "altruistic" loans at friendly rates, the way it bent the rules to assist, the powerful position over domestic banks it now finds itself in.

Nothing like a little squeeze on the greedy, is there? If people didn't want what they didn't have, there wouldn't be credit debt. If there was no credit debt, there'd be no powerful banks. If there were no powerful banks, there's be no uber-powerful Central Banks and these last wouldn't be able to dictate to governments. Therefore the governments might just pursue people friendly policies.

That would never do, would it?

And for goodness sake, they even mooted that the ECB would follow - read for yourself what the ECB did. Now how does an American housing crisis translate into an ECB move? Is there anyone who still seriously doubts the collusion of the financiers and the pollies they control?

Second question, returning to the Archbish - if the financial agenda is indeed global in scope and federalist in nature, then how does that tie in with a social agenda of wiping Christianity off the face of the earth? Or should that read "wiping the voices of conscience [Christian, other religions e.g. the Buddhists plus the secular world] off the face of the earth"?

Get out of your debts and credit obligations now and buy commodities, e.g. silver. Sackerson quotes sources:

"Investors have to look for assets which cannot multiply as fast as the pace at which the Fed prints money."
Deprive this inferno [read "coming holocaust"] of its oxygen, as Maggie mooted in a different context.


lady macleod said...

non-sequiter: You are a difficult man to give an award. Next time you are over, read down to 25 September lest your trophy case become full of nothing but dust! :-)

btw, interesting post.

Lord Higham- Murray said...

Aw shucks - thanks.

IanP said...

I do happen to believe that the financial squeeze is a global one, tied in with the rise of authoritarian regimes across Europe, North America, and the beginnings in Australia, NZ and Japan.

Like any authoritarian regime, religion is the one opposing factor that it must eliminate, because it is a rallying point for opposition, sometimes overt and sometimes covert.

Burma is a good example, as was the now defunct Soviet Union.

The EU, in most of its creeping authoritarianism is very good at doublespeak. The body politic can be the only religion in the long term and it is building on the already natural decline of traditional religions across Europe.

The State will provide all, the state will be obeyed, the state will be all encompassing.


Lord Higham- Murray said...

But will you, Ian? Will you have a chance to do anything about it?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well, I agree that it's a crap logo. But religion has always been deemed to be a "private matter" in France and Italy, inasmuch as it's not taught in schools and the omission doesn't seem to have done any harm. The day creationism and "intelligent design " are taught in British schools is the day I shall finally despair.

BobG said...

The logo looks like a bad copy of Microsoft's Internet Explorer icon.

Lord Higham- Murray said...

Welsh and Bob G - yes, it's the type of thing they love. It's unintelligent design.