Wednesday, August 29, 2007

[petfocus] 10 pets, 7 owners

All right, the idea is that you match the pet with his or her owner but I have to tell you there are multiple pets with some owners and I'll try to drop hints along the way.

Sorry, Liz but you were in the last Petfocus and I'm afraid, under the rules, I can't enter your lovely pic but I shall give it its own dedicated post. Ditto Mutley, I'm afraid but send me a smorgasbord of Mutley shots and I'll run a Mutley Festival here.

So, without further ado, to the pets:

1. "The black one is Titan, 7 years old" and if he's half as combative as his owner, he'll lord it over the blogosphere.

2. This is my little dog Tala. Tala's a black, long-haired German Shepherd, a girl and very friendly. Tala means Wolf in American Indian.

3. Ben and Daisy the Rabbits with their tamers. They run wild in our garden now.

4. Flying Spaghetti Monster, just for fun.

5. Taken with a cell phone, presumably in Australia, this is Boots in the Sink.

6. "The white one is Missy, 4 years old (lil bit's favorite)" but unfortunately, the shot was taken with a cell phone and so I include the owner, rather than the pet. Don't you think she looks a bit like her dad?

7. Here's my Red Dragon, "Ordo" - a little tribute to my little-known Celtic heritage.

8. Spotty the Dog. He is an annoying and friendly Tenterfield Terrier.

9 Also taken with a cell phone from the New World, Raia's balancing act also affords us a good look at the owner's toilet.

10 And of course there is Hamish the backyard Cow.

And here are the possible owners [one petless extra has been included, just to confuse the issue]:

Answers here.

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Welshcakes Limoncello said...

They are all so cute. Liked Tom's Celtic heritage thing.