Saturday, August 11, 2007

[blogfocus saturday] know thy pet

Otherwise known as the Great Pet Quiz. Your task - to match the "posts and pics" [which do go together] with the personage listed below. Those with eight right win three bags of chaff.

1 Holly can't understand why Harvey is apparently standing, staring into space; she doesn't realise he's adapting my 'I'm just admiring the scenery' approach when I stop, panting, halfway up a hill. And this evening he ate some fish skin and a bit of dog food - hand-fed by me. One is born every minute.

2 Simi has had the first of her summer haircuts today and is very pleased with herself. She got lots of treats afterwards for having proved herself to be "educata" [well brought-up] at the doggie grooming parlour!

3 I had posted this in the past but thought I`d throw it up again for a laugh. I had this doilie on my computer chair and there must have been a crumb of food there because next time I turned my head, there was Elvis wearing the doilie!! LOL He stayed that way long enough for me to grab the camera near by.

4 Tiny "circling the herd" on Sunday as diners played defense with their lobsters, clams and mussels during the Down East Clambake at Goomp's

We're posting a cute kitty pic because we didn't want to leave that somewhat unnerving image of the Shellfish McToast at the top of our blog overnight.

5 The RSPCA had sent him there after they had made five unsuccessful attempts to find him a permanent home. It is a little known fact that the RSPCA do kill dogs they are unable to re-home, unlike the National Canine Defence League. But they give them a last chance – before the final deed is done. So he was on doggy death row and staging 24 hour barking and dirty protests.

6 As you know, I am the proud owner of a wonderful Jack Russell, called Gio. I am pleased to say he has never behaved quite as badly as Bert, a Jack Russell owned by Tory MP Andrew Turner. Bert took it upon himself to embarrass his owner while visiting the Isle of Wight Show when he savaged a Polecat to death.

7 The grey mare and I have just celebrated our fifth anniversary together. As far as relationships go, I think it’s very satisfactory: she carries me on her back, and I feed, worship and adore her. Prior to the grey mare, I had acquired my horses: she is the first one I paid for. Hunting for a horse can be a harrowing business.

8 OK, no. They aren't champs. They have various "not quite perfect" traits. But I love 'em. To bits. And not for the world would I hold their tails out, raise their heads unnaturally or flick at them with a brush like a demented game show contestant (not in public anyway).

And the personages for this evening are:

Iain Dale, Tea & Margaritas, Mopsa, Liz, Mutley, Welshcakes, Sisu, Mutterings and Meanderings.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Simi is very flattered to appear, Uncle James! Well, of the others I knew the animals of Liz, Tea, Mutley and I knew ID had a Jack Russell. Followed the links for the others. More pets posts, please!

jmb said...

What a delightful post James. I can identify quite a few but I'm afraid I cannot claim the three bags full of chaff.
Echoing Welshcakes, more pet posts, please.

mutterings and meanderings said...

I hope it's Apple chaff :)

Anonymous said...

Mutley is surprised and has attempted to kill an Irish Wolfhound in celebration. When this proved impossible he attempted to drown himself....

Liz said...

Thank you, James.

Mopsa said...

Mopsa and half sister Fenn are blushing with pride (do Bernese blush?).

Graf von Straf Hindenburg said...

So pleased it seemed to please. Will do another one some time soon.

Sir James Robison said...

Admin said:

I want my dog to be on here! He's the best! Everyone loves him :)

26 August 2007 08:47

Then who are you, Admin?