Tuesday, August 28, 2007

[blog tactics] most annoying ones

Chicken Yoghurt's very own cartoon which I stole from him because it quite frankly said what I was thinking.

Just had a comment dropped on my last post: "Hi, I'd like to do an interview with you."

Many of you have possibly had this as well.

My reaction is that it is spam and have blocked it. Even if it is legit, we don't know this person, he's asking personal details and for what? There are a number of departments of state doing this under the guise of blog surveys.

For me, if:

1. The comment is obviously unrelated to the post;

2. It contains a request for you to go to another site whose url is provided;

3. He doesn't take your e-mail and personally e-mail you,

then this is spam.

Pop-ups. There are pop-ups and pop-ups. Rotten Tomatoes works with them as its way of operating and they're OK to me because I solicited that info and it was given in pop-up form.

Sometime back I ran a survey through Surveymonkey and a pop-up appeared top left of screen. Though less obtrusive there, it still annoyed more than a few people who chose to respond to the survey through the traditional channel.

Worse are the pop-ups which obscure the text and require you to click a box to remove them. Never do that, as you are legitimizing them by that click. If that happens to me, I give them thirty seconds to go whilst I'm in the kitchen and then I click out of the site if the pop-up is still there when I return.

Memes annoy me. They were once fun but have become a pest.

Blog Awards have mushroomed out of all proportion and many are emanating from professional and semi-professional sites generating them to spread across the web, not for any legitimate feeling between bloggers.

Though I really appreciate the thought when the ladies send these to me, it would be better if they had designed them - I would proudly carry such an award from such a person. I notice one blogger still carrying my green award I designed. Thanks for that.

Let's face it, a thousand things annoy me so I'm not the one to ask.

What things annoy you on the web?

PET UPDATE: Still only two entries to tomorrow's Blogfocus.


Ellee Seymour said...

I agree with you about the memes, I think they have had their day now, should we make it a Blogpower rule to ban them? Or will it suffice if they are totally ignored, which might cause offence to the person who offered the invite?

Longrider said...

They all annoy me, too. I don't respond to memes (never have), I don't do surveys and unrelated comments get zapped. I don't give a toss about blog awards - don't vote and don't take any notice of the outcomes. I'm a miserable bugger sometimes ;)

Another irritation is when someone contacts me merely to ask to use my blog to push their product. I don't respond and block that person's email.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thanks for that. I didn't know about that you were legitimising a text-obscuring pop-up thing by clicking to get rid of it. Re memes, I will do them if they are interesting and I think might interest my readers but I don't tag any more. Also agree the blog awards have got a bit out of hand, though I seem to remember you being quite put out when you thought I'd left you out of one! I haven't put your green award badge on because I don't know how to and I don't know how to embed a link to a post in it! Thanks for the tips about spam. What annoys me on the web? Constant "update this " or "update that" messages: I just know they will take ages and something will go wrong during the process. And people suggesting you do something techie when you don't know what they are talking about!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

After fiddling around for an hour and a half, I have got your pretty shield on. - Better late than never! It doesn't go anywhere when you click it, though - sorry.

Sir James Robison said...

Ellee - they have had their day.

Longrider - liking you more and more the more I hear.

Welsh - yes I was quite put out because it was you.

Re green shield - I'm greatly honoured!

Rick said...

Is Blogfocus another of these bleedin' competitions?

As if Iain Dale's wasn't enough....

Sir James Robison said...

No, sorry - it's not one of these bleedin' competitions, Rick - it's just something to read.