Tuesday, July 03, 2007

[tuesday quiz] most fiendishly difficult yet

Question 1: What is the Honourable Hazel Blear's nickname?

a. Chipmunk

b. Mipchunk

c. Chimpunk

d. Pimchunk

Question 2: Would she have sold her soul for the Deputyship?

a. No

b. She has no ambitions in that direction

c. She loved Tony too much

d. Yes

Question 3: How tall is Hazel?

a. 4' 7"

b. 4' 11"

c. 5' 9"

d. 3' 6"


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I still don't know what you've got against her - apart from the fact she's a socialist - as to me she always seemed well dressed and made-up. But then, women view other women very differently from how men view them.
Reading today's variety of posta makes me realise how much I missed you during the hiatus, James.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...


Don't like her.
This little anecdote may amuse you. Or maybe not.

When we were students, we watched PMQs every week, and we'd always think up what we would say if we got invited by the speaker to ask a supplementary question.
Hazel Blears was just a backbencher them, but I did know she'd been a ballerina.

After her sycphantic question, wiggling behind etc, I put my question to the lads;
'I am relieved, Mr Speaker, to see that the honourable member for Salford has brought her admirable dancing style to Question time, but I wonder if the people of alaford elected her to congratulate the Executive, or to bring it to account?'

A Yes woman all the way.