Monday, July 30, 2007

[north america] in dire straits

The big question in the U.S. is how to keep the Lizard Queen out. The CFR are gearing up for the election and may have already told Fred, a CFR himself, to desist and perhaps that's why he hasn't nominated.

Here is Lord Nazh's take on the next President, as he sees it.

Obama is clearly a stalking horse and Giuliani is unelectable outside of New York so it looks very much like the Lizard Queen will take the big one. Then the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America comes in, under the North American Advisory Council and it's a new North American continent.

Good luck, America.


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I always had a sneaking hope that should Arnie show an interest, they'd have got the relevant amendment through.

Otherwise, it's a shame Condi didn't go forward.

Lord Nazh© said...

I like Arnold (not as a politician though) but I hope they don't change the constitution simply so he can feed his ego.

ScotsToryB said...

Once they tie up Canada & Mexico then they can use the Monroe Doctrine to justify unopposed (so-called democracy building) interference in the 'rogue' South Americas countries.

Bit by bit they are approaching the end game.


Lord Nazh© said...

yea, James has a new buddy in his theory...

Anonymous said...

We're trying to figure out what the hell to do to stop the NAU but as I was telling my best friend (to whom I lent the Corsi book today), it's not going to happen. Sure, they might be able to get some stuff in but the "Grand Compromise" failure was the nail in the coffin. No American will stand for it! That was the first time I can remember in my twenty years of life on this planet of an issue touching such a raw nerve with the American public. If any politician tries this (in secret or in open, it's starting to get out, btw, slowly but surely), they will get smited so fast they won't be able to blink. It might look like we're going down from the outside, but Corsi's book is starting to make a splash. People are starting to learn the truth. The US, Canada, and Mexico will stay sovereign. The citizens of each country will see to it, peacefully. If our gov'ts refuse to listen to us, then force will be used and they will listen. Count on it!