Monday, July 30, 2007

[help me] how to get the list down to 20?

My Top 20 UK Political Bloggers, so far, in no particular order and I'm already planning three changes.

An apology to Guido straight away. Of course he's the top blogger in the UK - you'd have to be mad to say otherwise but I feel he'll get in anyway without my vote and therefore it's best to give his place over to another worthy. Iain also doesn't need it but he's doing the work … so:

20] Iain Dale

19] Chris Dillow

18] Devil's Kitchen

17] Mr Eugenides

16] Tim Worstall

15] Croydonian

14] The Englishman

13] UK Daily Pundit

12] Chicken Yoghurt

11] Ellee Seymour

10] Tony Sharp

9] Matt Sinclair

8] L'Ombre

7] Tom Paine

6] Praguetory

5] Daily Referendum

4] Benedict White

3] Andrew Allison [local issues]

2] Thunderdragon [very slow for a month]

1] Notsaussure [currently not blogging]

Trouble is, there are also these to fit in:

Guido, Reactionary Snob, Unity, CityUnslicker, Flying Rodent, As a Dodo, Dizzy Thinks, Clive Davis, Stephen Pollard, Political Umpire, Fabian Tassano, Trixy, Gavin Ayling, Man in a Shed, Martin Kelly, Mars Hill, Shuggy, The Select, Normblog, Oliver Kamm, Stephen Pollard, Wat Tyler, Two Wolves, Pub Philosopher, Matt Wardman, Bel Today, Bryan Appleyard, Guthrum the Old, Toque

… even before we go to the unsung people I'd love to include for encouragement.

And even then I've possibly forgotten key people. Who have I missed who could genuinely be seen as a top blogger in the UK sphere?

[By the way, I'm going to try it on with Iain and send the lot but don't think I'll get too far.]


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I think no list would be complete without Anthony Wells UK Polling Report. It's a very useful site for up to date polling info, and if you are after gossip on what's happening in certain constituencies, it's very useful indeed- most of this coming from commentors.

I probably need to go reading a few more purely political blogs, have come across a few thoughtful ones recently.

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks for adding me to your list James.



Ellee said...

Many thanks for including me on your list. I emailed mine to Iain, and did include Cityunslicker, there are very few Tory bloggers who focus on financial issues, there really is a gap for this info, it's not my strong point.

Matt Wardman said...

Prague Tory has retired as of 28 July.

Can I have his slot.


Miss Smack said...
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The As A Dodo Team said...

Great list and thanks for our honourable mention. Now, how can we bribe you to bump us up a bit?


Praguetory said...

Matt - you vulture ;-). James knows I'm on the way out. I wouldn't have retired if I'd have known this compilation was coming up.

Daimyo Higham-Baka-Ohta said...

Thanks for all these helpful hints, people. Noted and my list is now going over to him, with three changes which I'm not going to publish.

I'll now turn comments off on this and the other original post on it but the ones on "criteria" stay on.

Matt said...