Friday, July 20, 2007

[enough's enough] new tory leader required

It's all over the Brit blogosphere and regular readers know I'm not into party politics but this is one clear case.

David Cameron must go.

Just look at his performance so far. Run a checklist. Is there no talent in the party or anyone else of stature?

The problem is in DC's preselection by the same powers promoting Gordon and then, in a more orthodox arena, by the branch and national preselection process which cuts out talent.

He doesn't convince the electorate because he shifts position so often - top Tory leaders have always known what they were about and were able to communicate it to the people.

He can't. Nice enough chap but he's not going to win anything. Bullingdon boys, by definition, lack the gravitas. Boris Johnson could tell you all about that.

That's why the move should be made NOW. Not in two weeks or two months or prior to the election.

Now. So the Tories will have half a chance and so ALL Tories can get behind their leader with confidence.


Anonymous said...

I like him I must say. And the Brit Blogosphere is not really very representative of the UK as a whole... Did you read Iain Dales readership survey? Overwhelmingly, white, male, heterosexual and right wing...

Onyx Stone said...

While I agree with your assessment, I'm sorry to say I disagree with your solution. The Tory party is not ready for a new leader.

If or when the Tory party rediscovers a desire to actually represent Conservative values, then it will be capable of choosing an effective leader. Until then, the Tory party is irrelevant.

Colin Campbell said...

I am with Onyx Stone on this. A new leader is a sure sign of weakness. Prior to the end of Tony Blair, Tories were galvanised by their hatred of him rather than their admiration of David Cameron. Having got the Labour Leader they wanted and realising that he will be no push over, the grim realities of their situation became clear. Until the Conservative Party is clear about what it wants, it will just stick the knife in to whomever the leader is. Perhaps David Cameron is more appealing to a wider cross section of society than you may know. Just a thought.

Lord Straf-Bilderberg said...

Good people, in other words, Mutley? :)

Onyx, Colin, I'm not that far distant from believing the solution I propose is far from satisfactory. It would be counter-productive for the Tories initially.

On the otehr hand, the cold hard reality is that DC's honeymoon, such as it was, is over and he should be way ahead of where he has progressively sunk to, in order to win the election.

And after all, in the party politics I eschew, winning's the only thing.

Cameron can't.


Lord Straf-Bilderberg said...

Just noticed Colin's erudite comment tuucked away over at Iain's:

That said, when the Australian Labor Party dumped their tried and trusted leader last year for a different face, with only minor cosmetic change to policy, that alone has changed the dynamic of the upcoming election...


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I agree.
I actually wanted Davies.

To be honest, I lost faith in the Tories when they didn't elect Portillo.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I still quite like him . I don't think the problem is that he shifts position so much that on most matters he doesn't have one. I think he is a good performer in the HOC [and I'm no Tory, as you know!]

Wolfie said...

Not without someone better in the frame to replace him.

Who would that be?