Monday, May 28, 2007

[whitsun] not just any old bank holiday

Today is the Second Day of Whitsun or Pentecost, a Christian holiday and a bank holiday in Iceland. Some people may go to church while others use the day for outdoor activities with their friends and families.

Pentecost or Whitsun is observed on the seventh Sunday after Easter. Whit Sunday commemorates the coming of the Holy Spirit in the form of flames to the Apostles.

The recent adoption of a Late Spring Bank Holiday on the last Monday in May is an attempt to deal with the fact that Whitsuntide is a moveable feast, dependent on the date of Easter.

The general public still refers to this holiday as "Whit Monday." What did you do today? Any concerts in the park?


Bag said...

Well, pretty boring really.

Slept in. Pottered about the garden repairing some broken bushes and supports with the granddaughter. Bloody Pigeons and an elusive Magpie. She loves moing earth from one place to somewhere it shuldn't be. Played a bit of kick about. Went shopping and dropped the kids off in Chester.

Came back, got my revenge on a couple of pigeons while reading a book. Went shopping. Picked up the kids. Grandaughter now having a bath ready for bed. Looks like I'm babysitting for a change. So I'll read a bit more, browse the web and watch a DVD or something.

That's it for me.

james higham said...

Thanks Bag, for that detailed account. I can sleep easy now.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Not a holiday here. Cleaned house, got engrossed in "The Kite Runner". Thought too much.

Colin Campbell said...

Also Memorial Day in the US. We have the Queens Birthday coming up shortly. That is a midweek one, time to take that extra day for a very long weekend.

I went to work, did some errands, cooked dinner, washed the dishes.......

james higham said...

Thanks for those. Interesting reads all.

The Tin Drummer said...

I listened to TMS - apparently it was the coldest ever Test Match at Headingly (Leeds): 7.5 degrees C.

Still, we won.

Plus I was playing X-Wing!