Wednesday, May 30, 2007

[pommygranate] at that difficult stage

Pommygranate actually seems to have taken the lead in the Aussie poll [104] over his next rival [89].

Colin Campbell and the Englishman - I can't find any link to vote in their poll. Wish they'd tell me.

So, as Pommy's the only live "awarder" we know of at this moment, slip over, if you would and place a vote for him.

Colin referred to "vote stuffing" and he's right in one sense but in another, one plays the game according to the rules and if the rules allow you one vote a day, we'd be crazy not to do it.

Anyway, my vote today's been placed.

Now, I simply didn't know about Colin and the Englishman so I think we need some sort of central blogger who collates and announces these things. If you are in an award, simply contact him. What do you think?


pommygranate said...

thanks James.

Im sorry to be a real pain but i just cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the new bloggers on my BlogPower roll.

Can someone send me the html code to add to my blogger sidebar template.

apologies for being a muppet.

pommygranate said...


ive done it manually - added mutley and havering. are there any others to add/delete?

though im not sure my employer was too keen on mutley's front page picture of a girl in a mini-skirt farting fire.

james higham said...

Pommy - go to Blogpower and in the sidebar are instructions whom to e-mail. E-mail them. They send you the roll in whatever form you'd like.

Lord Nazh said...

(!-- Blogpower blogrolling code begins --)
(script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"
(!-- Blogpower blogrolling code ends --)

Replace all ( with < and ) with >


Bag said...

Vote stuffing.

The rules are being followed. It's just a cry from someone who now thinks they won't win. Clearly he has not been aware of the way voting works in the UK. Our political parties are not averse to even breaking the rules they have made.

You hear this all the time now. because something has a dedicated fan base who are willing to do something and one is to call for help the others cry foul.

I can feel a tear welling...... Sorry, just a bit of dust....

Bag said...

As a curious aside the link on Pommygranates name takes us to a similar but different article on the Chinese executions.

pommygranate said...

thanks Nazh

james higham said...

Curiouser and curiouser.