Monday, May 28, 2007

[politics 101] end of term finals

You have five minutes only for this test. Do not attempt to write in the sidebar or on your screen. Begin at N1 and work your way through to N7, unless you prefer to reverse that order or perhaps approach it in a random order, for that nice wavy effect or even, in fact, to look for Nos. 6&7.

Do not forget your blogger ID or that "little gifts sometimes go a long way with examiners".

Now commence:

1 Bill Clinton's greatest achievement was:

a. a near balanced budget

b. Whitewater

c. Monica

d. socking it to Fox Sunday

2 Jacques Chirac's greatest achievement was:

a. the Paris Olympics

b. new industrial relations policy

c. comments about British food

d. the referendum

3 Tony Blair's greatest achievement was:

a. the NHS

b. the education system

c. the Iraq War

d. honesty in government

4 George Bush's greatest achievement was:

a. the Iraq War


c. spreading democracy

d. Wolfowitz

5 John Howard's greatest achievement was:

a. common sense industrial relations

b. the boat people

c. longevity

d. supporting Christmas


Bag said...

c's all the way to 5 which is a d.

mutleythedog said...

Fuckin none of the above....