Sunday, May 27, 2007

[new feudalism] two considered thoughts

They say it better than I can:

Here and here.


james higham said...

Wot - no takers?

ScotsToryB said...

Hi James.

You should have known I'd bite.

One problem with this is getting anyone outside the usual interweb culprits to even engage.

When I introduce this into conversation the put down of conspiracy theory is invoked faster than you can say 'Godwin's Law'. I usually innocently ask how many buildings collapsed on 9/11, tell them and sit back to watch the looks of disbelief.

The G8 conferences are a case in point. Riots broadcast globally, grand statements about debt relief to Africa and a warm and happy world knows our leaders are trying their best. The protesters never seem to have rational and acceptable spokesmen (I'm not so naive as to believe there is only one agenda for the protesters but there are only so many theories within theories a man can handle!) but if they were to use establishment methods (c.f. Greenpeace et al) they may start to penetrate the mainstream set of acceptable ideas.

I offer the idea of a mass silent, civilised protest outside the location of my current bete noire, Bilderberg, with a savvy PR team disseminating a few choice morsels to whichever of the media have the guts to cover it.

How to dismantle something that has been on the go for so long? The classic terrorist to statesman cannot happen because of the disparate nature of the groups involved and the refusal of the politicians etc to even admit to attendance at these meetings. (I remember a programme about Bilderberg which had an interview with Denis Healey at the end. When they had asked the usual questions about current politics the interviewer then asked him what had been discussed at the last Bilderberg meeting he had attended his answer was straight and vehement: 'Fuck off'.)

So, I do not have the answer to that but am glad intelligent people are continuing to publicise it.

How long does it take currently outlandish ideas to become both mainstream and vogue?


james higham said...

Thanks for that and I've now read it through and agree there is dirty work afoot. Unaccountable work, it might be better to say.

Did you see the post on Tony being asked if he'd attended? He lied point blank.

ScotsToryB said...

I didn't but saw the report on the BBC, thanks.

Word is that the next conference
starts tomorrow in the Carlton Hilton in Istanbul. Will the French change their mind about Turkish accession to the European Union after this?