Monday, May 28, 2007

[enter the dragon] powered by oil

That's Japan sinking in the background, by the way.

Anyone just that teensy-weensy bit worried about China?

About 3.8 trillion cubic meters of natural gas deposits have been discovered in southwest China's Sichuan Basin, with verified exploitable reserves topping 600 billion cubic meters.

The reserves were discovered in Dazhou, a gas-rich city in Sichuan Province. By 2010, the newly found deposits will raise the city's gas output to 24 billion cubic meters and sulphur to more than 4.3 million tons.

Er - so it's not to supply the whole of China and half the damned world with then - this just concerns one city, does it? Now then, how many cities does China have? Let's see now ...


CityUnslicker said...

I can't see we shouldbe worried about China, historically they are not an agressive nation with any ideas about world conquest. Even the idealism of their communist state is quickly seeping away.

I am an optimist and I thinkg the rise of China and India will be of great benefit to the world.

of far more concern is the resurgence of the bitter and aggressive Russian state.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Cities in China?
In excess of a million, over thirty.
Lot of power needed.

lady macleod said...

keep counting james.

james higham said...

CityUnslicker - sigh!

Crushed - spasibo.

lady macleod - love your lower case was that what attracted you to the blog

lady macleod said...

no darling it was your dashing good looks!