Friday, May 11, 2007

[belated birthdays] hope they were very happy

Birthdays to Lord Nazh [36] and Pommygranate [38] on Wednesday, I believe. So sorry not to get to you on time but happy birthday anyway, old chaps!

Please don't take it personally, chaps - I've always been a real shocker when it comes to birthdays and names and so I have to accept that mine will also be passed over.

Which brings me to the point that I'd like to get a little record going here of when your birthday is. Perhaps you can either comment below or send me an e-mail. Don't be coy.


Lord Nazh said...

As long as you stop calling me a chap ><


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

WCLC doesn't believe in being coy! So Feb 14th - what other date do you think I'd have got born on?! When is yours?

pommygranate said...

i was trying to keep this quiet, james! what about yours?

pommygranate said...

sorry welshcakes - ive just seen youve asked the same q.

Gracchi said...

Its 15th November so not for a while- my brother's is on 14th May though so very close- we are exactly two years, six months and one day apart!

Lord Nazh is one of the best chaps around- I hope you'd agree :)

james higham said...

Yes indeed, one of us "chaps". Mine? It's been already - Feb 23. I was wished all the best at the time so nothing to complain of.

I do think we could keep a record of these because it is nice to be remembered and while we're at it, let's not forget things like Tiberius' and Notsaussure's less happy dates.

Andrew Allison. A Conservative View said...

Mine too has been and gone this year. It was March 2. According to the musical 'Camelot', the winter is forbidden 'til December and exits March 2nd on the dot! This may happen in Camelot, but certainly not in Hull!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Mines come and gone as well, but was January 3rd. Enjoying those Fewtrils.
Have a lovely weekend.